November 30, 2023
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Hairstyles: 5 Hair Options to Rock This Year

One of the greatest dilemmas of the females is the thought of making their hair every other week/month. Many women go to the salon and just wait for their hair stylist to choose something or they just pick at random. Selecting a hairstyle should be based on different factors like weather condition (is it so hot that I would think of pulling my hair out or is it really cool that I can get away with a forest on my head?), budget (how much am I ready to spend right now?), fit (does this hairstyle go with my face), time (How long can I sit for?), adventure (when was the last time I tried something so wild?) etc. Don’t bother your head girl, we have you covered.

Here are 5 hairstyles (and a bonus) that you can try out based on all the questions above. Take a look:

Crochet Braids

This hairstyle was popular last year and it is still a hit among fashionistas. It is very easy to rock and you have the luxury of carrying it for about 3 weeks to 1 month. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to fix as it is a weave that comes pre-processed. All the stylist has to do is wash your hair, dry and weave into sections after which a little crochet needle will be used to fix it to your hair. Just spray every morning and you are good to go.

Pixie Cut

There is nothing like a haircut that frames your face. Don’t panic, no strand of natural hair will be harmed in the making of this beautiful hairstyle. This hair option is one that requires the expertise of a good stylist who will look at the shape of your face, pick a suitable weave, fix and cut with nimble fingers. You can go for a weave-on that has different colours for that oomph that will make you stand out everywhere you go. This hairdo is almost a breeze as it takes about 1 hour to fix. However, you may want to go with a very light and skin friendly weave-on to avoid prolonged sweating especially if the weather is not so friendly.

Natural Hair

Don’t roll your eyes; this option is not a bad idea at all as you get the chance to pay more attention to your own hair the way you want. This is for patient and adventurous people who have suddenly become tired of relaxers and processed products. You stand the risk of leaving foreigners asking to have a feel of the miracle growing out of your scalp (good attention…lol). In addition, you can go for this option to switch things up a bit and do something unexpected. The first step is the big chop which involves trimming the relaxed part of your hair off while allowing your hair to grow without a chemical touch. A word of caution though, this will take a lot of dedication and research as you constantly have to look out for natural hair food while doing a lot of washing. However, you get the chance to brag and inspire others to take a bold step. Think about it!


Popularly known as Bob Marley because of the loose feel that comes with it, this hair-do is not for the faint of heart. This hairdo may cost good money and it takes hours to get it done depending on the size, length, and number of choice. The versatility it presents is very encouraging as you have the liberty to style it in many ways and you can rock it for different occasions. You also get the chance to carry it for a longer time with the help of a solid hand dryer & sweet-smelling hairspray. If you have the grits to sit, you can give it a try and play with colours while at it.

Low Cut

This is a big one for anybody and it may require a lot of thinking and re-thinking to reach this point. Many women complain about the heat and consider the beauty of feeling cold water on their scalp every morning and evening. If you belong to that class, this is your best bet. Going for a low-cut may have a note of finality but there are ways to bring adventure into the mix. Try colours, a little tint (if you are not too adventurous) or a total dyeing (if you are a wild one) will help you bring your A-game to the fore. You can also go the Anita Baker route or do a little fade if you like it. Just add huge earrings and top-notch makeup and you are sure to set the pace any day and anytime. Own the show!

Bonus: We are not done ladies; we saved the best for the last. The last but not the least option will be wigs. Wigs have been saving lives for ages. They come in different colours, lengths, and styles. The best part is the opportunity to own as many wigs as you want and you get to take it off whenever you like. Talk about playing dress up. Whatever you decide, you will come out looking snatched for the gods.

So what are you waiting for? Choose what you want and let your crown glitter.

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