6 Cooking Rule for Every Woman

Cooking is not just about rushing into the kitchen to mix one or two things together that will be called food. To make good food we must observe a high level of cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen. Ever wonder why some of your friends never eat in your house? It could be due to the unhygienic environment where your food is being made. A clean environment attracts people to want to eat your food.

These steps will help-

Cover your Hair

We must have heard this line several times and we just ignore because it almost does not make sense to start covering your hair in your own kitchen. But then sometimes we wonder how some strands of hair get into our food, forgetting that it is because we left our hair flying about while cooking our meal. There are lots of things in our hair, some of us even have dandruff in there and might want to scratch from time. It is advisable to get your hair covered even if all you are cooking is pasta.

Do not Talk While Cooking

The kitchen should not be an avenue for discussion especially when you are cooking. When we are talking the spit in our mouth have the tendency of circulating its potential. Which is why it being advisable not to talk over the food. If you must talk ensure all the food are properly covered.

Don’t Dip Your Hand into the Food

In as much as tasting what you are cooking is essential, do it the right way. Avoid dipping your hand inside the food to taste it, use the cooking utensils to do that. Take out the food with your spoon and then taste. The spoon should not go straight to your mouth if you will still dip it inside the food, there are other people that will be eating the food.

Don’t Wash Your Hand in the food

Some persons are of the habit of washing the spices off their hand into the food they are cooking. That particular portion of your hand will not make the food taste better, instead of washing your hand into it simply wash your hand. It is somehow irritating to see someone doing that while cooking, for a healthy cooking hygiene, avoids such.

Clean Everything You Use Immediately

The secret to a sparkling kitchen is a good clean up. Pay attention to everything you used to cook and then wash them immediately you are done. You do not have to pile up all dirty utensils to show that you just cooked. I am aware that cooking can be quite hectic but if you keep washing immediately you use them, they will not be left piled up.

Don’t Leave Your Food on the Fire to Quickly See a Movie

To the Telemundo and Zee world fans, I know we love to see the end of that movie but let us ensure that we pay attention to one thing at a time so we do not burn the food. No one enjoys eating burnt food, for your food to come out nice, pay enough attention to it.

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