Dress Trend: 6 Ways to Rock The Latest Trend On The Rise

Wrap dresses truly are one of the most flattering wardrobe item of all time. Through all generation this fashion piece still stands. However in recent times, the wrap dress has got more trendy with its stretchy fabric and dated patterns. Most of us can rock it with little to no effort which satisfies the lazy-ass-girl in you.

Denim wrap dress

denim wrap dress

This denim wrap is just perfect for the hot season because it is not the bulky denim fabric. Its quite easy and comfy, Throw on a cocky shoe or sneakers for laid back but totally chic look.

Maxi Wrap Dress

Awesome print maxi wrap dress

If you are not a minimalist, you should absolutely rock the print maxi wrap dress. I personally believe this look is social event perfect. It screams covered up but sexy. Either a long necklace or short one works. Bracelets or cuffs look especially great on as well.

Mix and Match

Bold printed wrap dress

Casual night yes please! Bold printed wrap dress in mix and match is just right for a flirty summer. A print with a vertical pattern or random pattern will make you look slimmer than a horizontal pattern. pair with comfortable shoes for long walks.

Work Appropriate

Image result for wrap dress outfit ideas

Pale dogwood pink is perfect for this dress. You can wear a wrap to work, dress it up or down with accessories. It’s very versatile and always look great. Pair with pumps to create a boss lady look.

Military Inspired

Image result for wrap dress outfit ideas

Dark colours are always slimming. Navy and black always look great on anyone in respective of your size. Add attitude with statement strappy heels for brunch or business meeting.

Boho Inspired

Boho chic wrap dress

Dress up with stylish heels and your favourite clutch, this look works a treat for a summer daytime event. Accessories are key, add long strands as not to distract from the neckline. Sandals work better for a lightweight flowy/feminine feel.


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