Women Fashion: 4 Tips on Choosing the Right Shoes for the Occasion

It is very difficult to find a woman who doesn’t have a thing for shoes. It is embedded in the female being. As the love for shoes grow among women, it is also very important that they know the right type of shoes to wear for the different occasion. Some tips that guide ones choice in picking the right shoes for different occasions are;

Evening Events

Times like this, when you need to go out for a cocktail party, dinner, gala etc. high heel shoes are best to be worn. High heels are best for these kinds of outing (inches as you feel comfortable), with a lovely gown of your choice mainly because they are classy outings and would need the lady to look elegant as heels give the woman a good poise and a sexy walk. High heel shoes could be somewhat uncomfortable but those with good platforms are always comfy and good looking.

Wedges are also a YES!


Casual Outing

 Casual always works for me mainly because it gives room for spontaneity in dressing but in as much as there is a level of freedom to the casual kind of outfits, discretion is best advised for the suitable footwear to go along with your casual wears. A common casual look could be seen in a lovely top with a shredded jean and a converse pair of sneaker. Other foot wears that are always ‘’ to die for’’ on a casual outfit include; a classy pair of boots, ‘’Knock about flats’’ and strapped on sandals, to mention but a few. With casuals, you can almost never go wrong.

Official Outing

Elegance and Comfort should be the watchword when trying to find the type of work shoes best suitable for you. When it comes to work, it is advisable to stick with comfortable and cozy kind of shoes as you will need to be most comfy while you work. For this to be achieved, some shoes are better recommended. Strapped-on, laced and pump shoes with very comfortable platforms are your good friends at this times. Recommendations are also made to some sandal shoes by ‘’Clark’s” as they are really comfortable to move around in. No one wants to fall flat or have no blood go to the foot area while working.


Sporting & Exercise

It is always good to look healthy. There are no apologies to looking good and healthy at the same time. To achieve this, ensure that your exercise/sport wears sit smart and comfy on you. Gym sneakers are always cozy and make you feel like you have nothing on your feet so it is advisable that when picking your sporting shoes, go for the sneakers that aren’t so tight so your toes can breathe. Also, go light on the sneakers. It is a lot easier to move your body when your feet is light.

There you have it, the guide to help select the right shoes that will serve it purpose.  Events that you need the perfect foot wears for are not limited to this but the above lists the very important ones.

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