Why men don’t want to get married anymore

There are many reasons why some men may not want to get married, but the reasons vary from person to person. We will look at some common reasons for this:

1.    Fear of commitment: A lot of men are not ready or willing to make the commitment that marriage requires. Marriage requires a lot of commitment to one woman, in terms of time spent, attention, and focus which can be challenging to men who have not ready for this or have other focus for that time like starting a new career or starting a new entrepreneurial venture

2.    Career focus: Some men starting a career or hoping to grow in their career at times defer their relationship goals to focus on their career and avoid any distractions. This is to give them the focus needed to grow, especially in demanding careers.

3.    Financial responsibilities for marriage: Men may not want to get married when they believe they do not have the financial capabilities needed to sustain a marriage. There are quite of a lot of financial responsibilities on men in marriages from providing for the basics   – food, housing, and utilities to providing for the particular needs of the woman and that of the children when they come. All these can put immense pressure on men financially and the phobia of this pressure can push some men to not want to marry.

4.    Bad previous relationship experiences: Men who have had bad relationships or marriages in the past can be afraid of new commitments due to the trauma of the things they have experienced in their previous relationships. Men with bad relationship experiences should be advised to see a counselor to allow them to heal properly before attempting to enter into a new relationship and also help them with the phobias they may have about entering a new relationship.

5.    Independence: Some men love their freedom and they are not willing to let go of it and they are not ready for the co-dependence needed to have successful marriages and relationships.

6.    Divorce Phobia: The current very high divorce rate is another reason why some men may not want to marry. The cost of divorce is quite high and many men are not willing to have to pay such a price. The cost of divorce includes both financial costs and emotional costs. The financial costs include loss of assets, loss of income due to alimony payment, and loss of time due to the adjoining court process. The emotional costs are heartbreaks, separation from children, and the pain associated with these. The costs seem quite high in any way these are considered and show why men have this fear.

7.    Alternative lifestyle: Some men are comfortable being single and they are really not interested in marriage. As long as they are comfortable with their life choices and are not bothered by the possibility of loneliness then this is not a challenge to them.

8.    Lack of desire for children: Men who love their freedom and do not want to have children may avoid marriage as any woman they might marry could later want to have children and they want to avoid this conundrum.

9.    Lack of attraction: Men may not be deeply attracted to the women around them or the woman they are in a relationship with and they do not want to settle but would rather wait for the more attractive option.

10. Waiting for the “One” person: Some men are not interested in the current play of marriage by trial and error and would rather wait for the “One” before entering into a marriage. They are taking their time to discover and understand the women they are in a relationship with to be sure that they are the ones for them for entering into a marriage with them.

Every man is different and unique and the reason why they are not do not want to marry can be unique and specific to them and may not be on this list. Others may have multiple concerns and reasons for not wanting to marry. Whatever their reasons are, it is good to discuss your desire to marry with the man you are relationship with to be sure that they share this desire with you and avoid future frustrations.

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