Home Fashion Visible Pant Lines: 7 Steps on How to Prevent It From Ruining Your Day

Visible Pant Lines: 7 Steps on How to Prevent It From Ruining Your Day

Visible Pant Lines: 7 Steps on How to Prevent It From Ruining Your Day

Visible pant line popularly called VPL can ruin a beautiful day but they can be avoided by wearing the right and perfect set of underpants.

I will never forget the most embarrassing day of my life, I was all dressed up for a red-carpet event in my beautiful black bodycon dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Immediately I stepped down from my car I saw Wale my endless crush and I noticed his eyes were fixed on me. As I walked slowly down the red carpet I met with my friends and we decided to take selfies yet his eyes were still on me.

He walked slowly towards me, still staring at me I thought to myself he has finally found the guts to ask me out, but to my greatest surprise the words that came out of his mouth stroke me I felt like going into the ground.

Did he just tell me my panty lines are showing through my dress?” 

Now, to avoid embarrassing situations like this, Below are tips on how to prevent VPL from ruining your day.

Consider Wearing the Right Panties

Wearing the right and perfect size of panties can help save you from the embarrassment of visible pant line. While shopping for your panties make sure they are not too tight to avoid your pants digging into your skin which will make you feel uncomfortable at the same time also make sure they are not too loose hence it folds up causing wrinkles and bumps on your clothing’s.

Wearing of Thongs/G-Strings

Thongs are the perfect choice of panties when dealing with visible pant lines while they may not be so comfortable to wear they are a good option to go for most especially when wearing spandex and lycra fabrics. G-strings have fewer fabrics than thongs so you might want to consider having G-strings as a must have panties.

Consider Boy Shorts/ Wearing of Seamless Pants

Boy shorts are set of panties which give full coverage whenever they are worn. This is because they do not cut across your butt and wearing of boy shorts gives a seamless look. Most seamless panties come in elastic and spandex, while shopping make sure you buy a boy shorts that fit your butt comfortably to avoid making it obvious from the outer part of your clothes.

Be Brave

Being brave means not wearing underwear or panties, this is the only way to be assured that no visible pant line or what so ever will spoil your perfect day. It is good when wearing a pair of trousers but when on skirts and dresses make sure you wear undergarments and if you are not comfortable doing this you can order a disposable cotton patch. While going bravely make sure you wash your a pair of trousers to avoid bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

Try Under Garments

Wearing of under garments is another means of tackling Visible pant line. Under garments comes in different variants like Shapewears, tights, a slip (under skirt). These under garments give you a smooth look and help cover all wrinkles that seem to appear on your clothing’s. Most undergarments are of lycra fabrics which help shape your butt and prevents outfits from bunching.

Avoid Skin Clinging Clothes

Clinging clothes are extremely tight clothing’s, which will always hug your body and reveal your pant lines, when wearing a clinging garment, I will advise you bear it all (Go commando) and not wear any panties better still you wear an under garments to make your butt a little firm to avoid butt movement.

Wear Thicker Fabrics /Avoid Steer Clear Clothing

The type of fabrics you wear goes a long way in determining if you would have to tackle visible pant line all day long, try avoid steer clear clothing’s and embrace thicker fabrics. Wearing of thick fabrics you wouldn’t have to worry about visible pant lines all day long. Examples of thick fabrics are tweed over fabrics like jersey, silk, and denim, it is important to note that not all denim is equal make sure you go for the thicker once.

Finally, Print materials are good at disguising visible pant lines because of the fabric which is busy in nature which will cover any wrinkle or lines.

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