Trend On The Rise: 10 Unique Ways To Rock Your Ankara Fabric

Having a beautiful Ankara fabric is quite different from making the best Ankara style. When it comes to Ankara fashion, Nigerian and African designers are so creative making beautiful Ankara inspired dresses and outfits with ease. If you are an Ankara fashionista, here are 10 unique trends to try this season.

Bell Sleeves Dress

The Ankara Bell Sleeves outfit is currently making waves in the fashion industry because it simply screams class and elegance. The look adds statement to the Ankara fabric, which can boost your confidence level. It can either be short or long sleeves.

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Ankara Dungarees

Dungarees are usually made of denim fabric. Be Indigenous, take your dungarees game to the next level. Pair with a white shirt and pumps for a business casual outfit.

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Thigh High Slit Ankara Skirt

Elevate this look with a tee shirt, tucked into the skirt for an it boy inspired look. remember to pair it with comfy white sneakers  and accessorize with a statement bracelet.

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Ankara Flared Pants

This wide legged pants shows the funk side of you, it takes you back to the ’90s. You can draw attention to your flared pant with a crop top or multiple bell sleeves.

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Ankara Jumpsuit

Ankara Jumpsuits are simply comfortable and stylish outfits, they can be worn for any occasion if styled with the right accessories.Image result for ways to rock ankara fabrics

Ankara Bomber Jacket

Ankara Bomber Jackets are about to take over, and we’re definitely not complaining. This is totally an it girl inspired outfit. This is one fashion piece to try this season. You can wear on a midi dress and a pair of sneakers to keep the outfit casual.
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Ankara Culotte

Culottes are super comfy, and they’re perfect for spring or summer because they’re breezy, chic, and look better without lots of layers. For cooler days, opt for a cropped turtleneck blouse, culottes, and simple heels. This is so easy and chic.
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Ankara Wrap Dress

Dress up with stylish heels and your favourite clutch, this look works a treat for a summer daytime event.

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Cold Shoulder Inspired

Letting your shoulders peek from your garment adds a super relaxed and seductive feel to your outfit. Pair with a flirty strappy heels.

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Ankara Shorts

I will totally wear this outfit to a yard sale, try on a mix and match outfit, pair with white sneakers and a statement piece like a bracelet or hand crafted bag for the summer.

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Ankara is now the rave of the moment: You would be amazed what the majority have made of this great fabric. For that next gig or casual event, you can design your ankara in any of the above listed styles. Trust me, You would be amazed at the compliments!

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