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5 Top Jobs No Woman Has Done in Nigeria

5 Top Jobs No Woman Has Done in Nigeria
Women have come a long way since the start of the gender equality campaign, since then there have been many historic “firsts” in the different areas. Still in the light of the International Women’s Day, we would be sharing with you the tops 5 jobs or professional level a woman is yet to attain in Nigeria.
1.    NSCDC Commandant General – The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was established in 2003 by the act of the national assembly. Ever since its establishment, no woman has attained the highest hierarchy in this corps. Logically, with a Master’s Degree, anybody could start from level 9 and work her way up the professional ladder.
2.    Catholic Priest: The Catholic Church has been as old as man itself. The major belief for the Church’s refusal to admit women to the priesthood is that it’s bound by the example of Christ. Jesus did not include women among his original 12 apostles, so the argument remains, and the Church is compelled to follow that example, restricting the priesthood today to men. We hope that sooner than later, this belief would be challenged and we would have another woman in the highest religious hierarchy
3.    Head Coach of the Males’ Football Team: If you are into sports and looking to achieve a major breakthrough that would stand the test of time and put you in a place of admiration then you should consider becoming the head coach of the Nigeria National Team known as the super eagles
4.    Madam President: sure it comes with terrific honour and admiration when you become the mother of the nation. Other countries have attained this feat but it is yet to be achieved in Nigeria.
5.     Vice-President: This comes with nomination from the federal table. A woman can qualify for this position by being actively involved in the highest level of politics.
So if you want to thread the part that our Nigerian women trailblazers have taken, consider any of these positions and you may just be the next big name in the society.
Tomiwa Adeleye

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