Home Career Tired Of Staying Broke? Learn How To Earn An Income While Job Hunting

Tired Of Staying Broke? Learn How To Earn An Income While Job Hunting

Tired Of Staying Broke? Learn How To Earn An Income While Job Hunting

Job hunting can be time consuming. Job hunting in itself can be said to be a job because it rides on your mental and physical strength.  Delay in getting that dream job could also lead to depression.

Are you tired of staying broke after graduating from the university? You graduated from the university with an 80% possibility of landing your dream job, yet you are roaming the streets with no job. Knowing you have rents to pay and bills to sort out  hence the quest to survive. Let’s quickly go through 5 ways you can earn an income while job hunting.

Be an Adult-sitter/Babysitter

If you love to nurture, you could get a caregiver job looking after the young and elderly. Taking care of children and the aged are tasks that will always be in great demand. What is needed is a conducive environment, if you do not have the much needed space, you can babysit at your client’s house which makes it easier and cheaper for you. Talk to family and friends who can hook you up with someone who may  be in need of child/adult care services.

Whatever your hands find to do, you should do it well. Doing this diligently and passionately may turn to be a big business for you. You can carve a niche for yourself doing this. Soon enough, client will be calling for your service hence a job already for you.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Look around for electronics, furniture, and kitchen wares which are not in bad shape but for some reasons you stopped using them. You never can tell who may be in need of these items: You can sell at a cheaper rates and make some money off them. Do you have a neighbour who has an old items he or she will like to dispose? Why not be the middle man to help sell it and earn some few cash without stress.

Be Productive With Your Social Media Handle

With the advent of modern technology, everyone should be on at least one or all social media platforms. Your social media handle should not only be about pictures and videos except you are a model or fashion designer and you need to promote your goods. Make good use of your online platforms. You can start an online advertising firm by marketing a product, remember you can reach a wider audience via any of your handle. By doing this, you become an affiliate marketer (this has already created a job for you).

Be A Writer/ Start A Blog

If you have the passion for writing, this is the time for you to take your passion into consideration.  You can write articles for blog or write a book which can be sold as an E-book if you cannot afford to print them either ways your readers get to pay for it online. Also, there are sites you can visit to start a blog (Blogger.com, WordPress.com and Tumblr.com). Blogging is a good investment which requires little or no sum of money but has the potential to see you smiling to the bank.

Don’t Ignore That Odd Job

Have you ever heard the saying; ‘’Shit business is good business?” Dorr!! I am not asking you to go pick up faeces. If there are odd jobs you can’t be caught doing, why not give it a trial and pick it up. If you are handy, help repair a broken window, broken toilet seat or fix a broken chair. The list is endless, some of these odd jobs could fetch you some cool cash.

The key to making an income even while job hunting is to be the solution to someone’s problem. Look for a problem in your environment, come up with solutions to that problem and add your price tag!

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