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Tips on How to Avoid Being a Victim of Abduction/ Arm Robbery

Tips on How to Avoid Being a Victim of Abduction/ Arm Robbery

The increasing rate of abduction, butchery and armed robbery in the country has become quite alarming, gradually painting the country as unsafe for dwelling. In the past two months about 5 kidnap hideouts have been uncovered and they are mostly in areas that are overlooked for crimes like this.

Against this back drop, what we should do as inhabitants of this area is to put up some security caution. It means we have to be more careful while moving around and you can be smarter than the kidnapping agents. Below are some things that can help us become more watchful and reduce our chances of being a victim of abduction/robbery:

Open Up to Only Close Relatives

Most of us are in the habit of talking to any and everybody we find ourselves with, as a result spill out what is meant to be discreet. Information should be efficiently filtered before giving it out to anyone, especially when they are people you are just meeting. Do not be in a hurry to gist a new or an old friend you are just meeting about the happenings in your life.

Some persons have beckoned on armed robbers into their homes because they spilled too much information to the wrong person. Ensure whoever you are sharing your stories with is a trusted family member.

Avoid Display of Wealth in Social Gathering

When you are at events you do not need to show yourself as the richest person there. Be modest with how you show off your wealth in public places, so you do not invite intruders into your homes. Robbers have found their ways into some homes because they have seen the home owners display wealth lavishly at parties.

Burglars or kidnappers will not target who they are not sure have enough money for them except on special cases.

Reduce Social Media Activity

With the level of social media competition where majority compete for who has more money, these kidnap and armed robbery agents do not go far before getting information. All they do is visit people’s social media profile and they know who their next victim is.

The rate at which we post all of our lives on social media should be reduced. The whole world do not need to know how your house look, or the number of cars you own. You can post your pictures but not the one that intentionally point fingers to how wealthy you are. Posting your location and your children’s location should also be avoided.

Do Not go Out With Strangers

Few years ago, Cynthia an undergraduate met a friend on social media and later went ahead to visit him in another state, where they lodged in a hotel. The next everyone heard of her was that she had been killed by the Facebook friend. This was because she trusted a total stranger and even went ahead to be alone with him in another state.

It is normal that we meet new people daily, but when we are going to see them we should ensure that we do not meet in an alone place to avoid stories that touch.

Avoid Moving Alone Late Night

This is not limited to late night though, we should also be careful early in the morning and during the day. Most atrocities happen at odd hours of the day, some people became victims of kidnap because of the bus they boarded early in the morning or late night.

Late night harbours so many crime which is why we have to be vigilant and avoid being alone.

We should also avoid taking all of our Debit cards and ID cards with us as this is mostly the target of bus thieves and criminals.

Safety is key: we should be security conscious always.




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