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The Misconception About Valentine’s Day

The Misconception About Valentine’s Day

This is the season of love and there so much love in air with the St Valentine ’s Day around the corner. But there are so many misconceptions about what St Valentine ’s Day is all about.
St Valentine who orchestrated the Valentine’s Day displayed the God kind of love all through his life time. He showed love to mankind, he gave to the poor, widows and orphans in the Roman empire.
February 14th was set aside in his remembrance as he was killed for the sake of love on that day. The day was set aside to celebrate the love St Valentine died for, which is the reason Valentine’s Day is celebrated yearly.

However there have been series of misconception about how this day is meant to be celebrated which have been highlighted below.
Below are some misconceptions about Valentine’s Day:

Hoping to Get Laid

Valentine’s day has been tagged as a day of free sexual escapade especially for the unmarried, so many ladies have been swayed away with the idea of sex being an evidence of love while in reality this is not totally true. Do not get me wrong, I do not mean ladies only have sex on Valentine’s day, but the naïve ones mostly falls for this ideology after been showered with gifts and sweet words. After the February 14th fever there are series of abortion while a lot of young ladies become single mother all because of the Valentine’s day fever.

Valentine’s Day Must be Celebrated with a Guy

Valentine’s day is a day to show love to everyone including yourself. Single ladies, you do not need a guy to make you feel good about yourself, give yourself a nice treat and shower yourself with gifts. Your life does not revolve around a guy. Start by loving yourself and I assure you won’t regret it.

Gifts to Loved Ones Must Only Be on Valentine’s Day

This is another fallacy. You shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s day before you show love to your loved ones, I mean “If you really love someone, then everyday must be your valentine day”. You do not have to wait for the valentine fever to set in before you show love.

It Must Be an Expensive Gift

You don’t have to break your purse or break into the bank before you show love to your loved one by buying the most expensive gifts. The thought you put into picking out the gift is what matter most and not how expensive the gift is, except your spouse is materialistic.

Valentine Day is all About the Girl

This is a selfish mentality on the part of the ladies in this part of the world. So many ladies believe they are entitled to all the gifts for Valentine’s Day. In fact, some ladies don’t give their spouse anything; showing up empty handed and expecting to receive the whole world from their boyfriends or husband.

Getting the Engagement Ring

I call this a lame misconception if your spouse is going to put a ring on the finger, valentine’s day should not be a prompter for him to pop the question. Valentine’s Day sure comes with a lot of craze and you wouldn’t want to be caught up in the rat race of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day comes with a whole lot of emotions both genuine and non-genuine, so I will advise you show love just because you have the capacity to show love. During this season show love to the needy and live the true legacy of St Valentine; if you honestly want to celebrate his legacy.

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