The marriage Institution…

Now we discuss Marriage; the good, the beautiful, the pains, the experience and everything that makes it what it is.

Marriage is an institution of learning where you get your certificate during the Matriculation/Induction ceremony because there never will be a Convocation ceremony except you decide to drop out of school which is not advisable. Marriage is an academy that keeps building you until there are no spaces left, even when you are already built there is always room for furnishing to give that perfect finished look.

Irrespective of your identity or gender, marriage shapes you, it nurtures and grows you. It changes your perception about life as a single, it engages you in some nonstop activities, it teaches you on how to live not for yourself alone but for the “other” or “others” who are now involved in your life, it teaches you to forgive endlessly. In all, marriage builds your maturity as you now begin to see life from an entirely different viewpoint.

It is noteworthy that this institution is full of odds; it entails different experiences that makes one strong to stand the test of time. Some people have it almost rosy while some have it all rough but no one has it all rosy especially during the first few years as you are just learning to stay together. Either ways everyone has a story to tell in their marriage; there is always the good, the bad and the ugly. The ability to manage it makes you live to tell these escapades as lessons on the long run.

One should always know that marriage is for a purpose. The earlier you understand your purpose in that marriage the better because you begin to work towards that purpose instead of dealing with irrelevancies like nagging, getting angry, thinking, fighting, crying and trading blames all the time over every little thing. Once you realize your role in that marriage, you would be able to stand the storm; even if your spouse is yet to realize it and is constantly misbehaving, you would be able to get a hold of your marriage and help him or her identify the purpose.

Majority silently go through a lot in marriage that they begin to wonder if the whole institution is worth it. They conclude that marriage is all about pains and hurts forgetting the fact that it the other way round; marriage is entirely a bed of roses instead it is an academy full of more laughter than tears.

Marriage should make and not break you, make you strong and not render you weak. Most people are fascinated with the idea of marriage than the institution itself, however but it is important to know and consider the reason for getting married first before going all into it.

Furthermore, we shall discuss on the marital experience as we journey together.

‘Tayo Ejikunle

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