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The care of your furniture

The care of your furniture

The home, our place of proper relaxation should occupy things that ease our stress and not ignite it.

In making our home a perfect place of deriving pleasure we need to always check out for things that make them pleasure leading to satisfaction.

Our furniture especially should be properly maintained as we spend most of the time in the house on any of them, it is apparently what completes the house.

In handling our pieces of furniture, we should know that:

  • The sofas and tables should be suitably cleaned every day: dust the chairs and clean the tables to keep the house off any hidden dust.
  • Avoid pouring water on the rugs and sofas as they may enhance smell and if accidentally poured ensure it is properly dried.
  • The use of sharp object on the chairs will damage it and give it a not too fascinating look.
  • Ensure the rug is well brushed every day and you can take it out for a wash every 6- 12 months, because the rug absorbs a good quantity of dust.
  • Endeavour to change the bed cover at least every week. You should not go about sleeping on the same spread sheet for more than two weeks, it is unhealthy.
  • Make sure the rooms are properly ventilated so it is not stuffy.

After maintaining these standard of sanitation, you should also know that these pieces of furniture have their own life span. It will get to a point where you will need to change them, that is why you need to always pay them attention, know when they are fading and wearing out.

Your furniture, needs a replacement, when:

  • They begin to change from their initial colour into a dull version.
  • You begin to see holes by the sides of the chairs which means the clothes are no longer strong and can tear at the slightest provocation.
  • The external part of the furniture begin to give way for the inner content to be revealed. Which is not a good look for the house, and in most cases you are no longer comfortable sitting or lying down on them.

When you begin to see these signs on your foam, sofa and other furniture in the house, just go to a good furniture dealer and have them changed. You can either change the body or give them a totally new face beat depending on the situation of the furniture.

Remember for the beauty and comfort of your home, the care of your furniture is top-notch.

‘Tayo Ejikunle

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