Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience –Lagos Big Girl

13th of March 11:00pm

As I walked into the club in my black slinky dress, I could hear the ever buzzing IF by Davido. There were multi-coloured flashing lights on the dance floor of the club, but the lights were not bright enough to reach beyond that.
“The club looks so crowded tonight”, I thought to myself. As I made my way to the bar. Dancing sweaty bodies press and rub up against me. I didn’t mind because I was enjoying the groove of the moment. Moreover it was the easiest way for me to get to the bar. So I got a spot on one of the bar stool, I ordered for a bottle of cold glass of a red claret.
`Hello pretty, is this seat beside you taken?’ I raised up my head to locate where the masculine voice came from and I saw a tall light skinned man in a blue fitted suit standing beside me with smiles flashing all over his face.
I told him the seat was empty and he could have his seat, I went back to what I was doing which was an eagle-eyed exploration of every corner of the club for a nice looking dude to make my trip to the club worthwhile.
As he took his seat beside me, the smell of his cologne got my attention, this guy worth’s a billion dollar bucks even his cologne can testify to it, my eyes travelled down to his shoes and of cause from my evaluation of all what was on him ,I knew I had met a ‘big fish’ tonight.

`I’m Femi Badmus, the CEO of MOV Enterprises, am sure you must be familiar with the name, I also control the leading telecommunication firm in the country, Tigo communications, and it will be a great honour for me to know the name of this beautiful lady sitting down beside me` he said to me.

I rolled my eyes as I told him my name was Tracy, A 200 level student of mass communication of the prestigious university of Canford university Lagos.
We got talking and I actually found him interesting. He made my day when he offered to pay for my drink, do you care to dance I asked him rolling my eyes at the same time biting my upper lips he told me he was not a dancing type, but after tilting my head sideways and showing him some of my dance moves he could not resist the urge to dance with me.
I wondered why he said he was not the dancing type because he sure had some moves in him, it was getting late because we had danced all night in the club we were left alone we must have lost track of the time.

He suggested following me to my room so as to complete what we have started, I gladly told him that was not a problem, pay before service is what I do and 30minutes cost you 1million naira, He was shocked hearing such an outrageous amount from me I never appeared to him as a Pay as you go personnel, but I knew he had no choice than to accept my offer I could see he was already drooling the brother is already into me.
Immediately we got into his car I received an alert of 2 million Naira from Femi Badmus this guy sure means business , following the text message ‘Tracy do not spend too much time with Mr Femi Badmus, you have a client for 6:00am. Make sure you deliver on time or else…………. from K’

Each time I received a message from my handler it sends shivers through my spine as if I have a time bomb tied around my neck, how can I escape this time bomb.

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