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Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience – Birthday Girl

Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience – Birthday Girl

September 10th 3:00pm

September is here again which happens to be my birthday I will be 12 years old on the 10th of September, Uncle K had planned a birthday party for me, we went out for shopping because I had decided to wear something new for the party, we also made a quick stop at the caterers office to ensure everything was going as planned.

Some of my friends from school including  Amina came for the party, the theme for the birthday was pink ,all my friends had a pink dress on ,the house was filled with a lot of pink themed decorations my cake was a character cake that had my picture on it .

Few of Uncle K friends came for the party also so it wasn’t just little girls party, we had so much fun at the party, Uncle K made the party a memorable one better that what I had my mum had in mind for my birthday before death took them away from me .we had a one minute silent in remembrance of them.

It was game time we had picked Aluminium foil game, we had two teams and each team was given aluminium foil to make a runway outfit dresses for me the celebrant and I was to wear them on a runway in other to showcase the dresses made by the team, I looked at myself in the mirror was dressed like a grown up with make up all over my face. The team Amina belonged to won the game everyone had so much fun during the game time.

It was time to hit the dance floor for the celebrant dance, I requested ‘’ Daddy yo’’ by Wizkid . Before I realized what was happening the dance floor was filled up, I thought I was the only one who loves to dance to wizkid’s hit, and we all danced until we got tired of dancing.

I and Uncle K sat in front of the A stack of unopened presents stood in the corner of the room wrapped in smooth shiny wrapping paper. A silk pink bow had been carefully tied around each of the gift. I decided to open the gift Amina bought for me it was a yellow  diary seeing the diary made my day as I had told her the day the we went shopping I wanted a diary. I never knew she paid attention to me that day.

The next gift I opened was a big one that had a big ribbon o it and I was so eager to open it, a little note was attached to the gift to my little girl friend I wondered who had dropped the gift for me what stroked me was the hand writing of the sender which looked like something I have seen before, I said to myself I now have a secret admirer I couldn’t wait to tell Amina about my secret admirer.

`I see you have seen the gift I bought for you, I hope you like the teddy bear I got you` Uncle K said as he walked in with 2 bottles of coca cola drink in his hands.

`O when did I become your little girlfriend` I asked him as I hugged him to thank him for the gift he got for me by this time I was already feeling sleepy I had managed to finish my drink .


I felt so light headed as I open my eyes , I can’t seems to place how I got into the room . I tried getting up from the bed but I felt sharp pain around my thigh I thought to myself I must have danced so much at my birthday party for me to feel this pains all over my thighs and leg.

I need to visit the ladies, so I had no choice than to drag myself out of the bed, as I stood up I noticed I had been sleeping in a pool of blood.

Blood on the bed sheet?

Whose blood is this? I murmured softly to myself.

I looked all over the room to get traces of where the blood came from; I also noticed my dress was stained. I became so confused, I was terrified due to the fact that I couldn’t find Uncle K, and could this be his blood on my body.

What is happening in this house or am I dreaming.



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