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Tale Of A Teenager: The Omolola’s Experience –Dawn Of A Reality.

Tale Of A Teenager: The Omolola’s Experience –Dawn Of A Reality.

September 11th 1:00am

I was so worried. I feared something bad must have happened to Uncle K. As I walked down the stairs trying to rap my head around what had happened to me during the night; the blood stains and aches  all over my body didn’t just happen overnight. I needed explanation to all of these.

The thought that something bad must have happened to Uncle K kept rushing through my mind as I checked through all the nooks and crannies of the house in search of him but I couldn’t find him. My worries heightened.

Suddenly I heard a sound coming from the boys quarter and so I decided to look around. Uncle K was seated by the bar in the boys quarter which used to be his favourite spot but that changed after my parents’ death.

“Omolola my little wife, you are awake. I can see you have had your bath”. He said to me in a drunken state, I was surprised seeing him that way, it had been a long time I saw him drink so much.

“Uncle K can I ask you a question” I asked.

“What will you like to know?” He asked smiling sheepishly as he gulped down a glass of red wine. “I noticed some strange things when I woke up” I told him, expecting some surprise from him. Shockingly, he wasn’t. Instead, he concentrated on his red wine. Not minding his reaction, I continued with my observation letting him know that I woke up few minutes ago with pains all over my lower region and I also found blood stains on the bed sheets and on my body. Then I asked out-rightly, “Uncle K, do you have any idea of what must have happened to me?”

Uncle K gave a wicked grin, he stood up and walked up to me  standing right in front of me “Do you mean you do not know what happened?” I was dumb founded hearing him say that. “I will give you an insight of how the night was spent”.

‘’You know as a result of the cola I gave you, you became so weak, helpless, and beautiful. I realized it was time for us to play the daddy and mummy kind of game. As I looked into your beaming eyes I couldn’t resist kissing you, I enjoyed the way I had a nice ride on you. The blood you saw on the bed sheet is as a result of the sweet ride we had last night”.

For few minutes I was dumb founded. Did Uncle K just admit to raping me? The fact that he raped me, O my God! my uncle raped me! my own blood took my innocence away from me! Tears started rolling down my eyes, it felt like a running tap that wouldn’t stop.

I expected an apology from him. I wished he could blame it on the alcohol, but no he did not. I thought I had seen the worst of it when I lost my parents. I never knew my life had just turned a disaster.

“You are now a woman and should in case you are trying to remember how this happened, you won’t be able to pin point it, cos the cola i gave you was drugged”.  I started to tremble, I couldn’t fathom it.

My own Uncle did this to me!!

Uncle K didn’t mind. He didn’t care that what he did meant something to me. He destroyed my pride! My innocence!

I couldn’t help but watch him stagger to find his way into the bedroom.


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