Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience -Emeka’s Dismissal

Like a speed of light, Uncle K rushed to my bed, jacked Emeka up and gave him the beating of his life. I have never seen Uncle K this furious and angry.

Uncle K`s eyes was filled with so much rage as he strangled Emeka. I had to let out a scream before Uncle K could leave Emeka alone. I hardly recognized my Uncle. In all the eyes I have known Uncle K, I had never seen him this angry. I was scared for Emeka’s life.

I sat down with tears in my eyes as I watched the police handcuff Emeka out of the house in the morning. I could not believe all the escapades that happened last night; Emeka the security guard tried taking advantage of me?

Questions kept coming to my mind. I continued wondering how he had access into the main house, how did he gain access into my room. The only time he is authorized to step into the house is to inform us of a visitor. His main duty is to guard the house.

`I can’t imagine what pushed him into the house, am sure it was Efya the Ghanaian house help that gave him access into the house. I have been suspecting their closeness lately. I wish I had taken a drastic action before all this happened`, Uncle K said as he tried consoling me.

Efya swore with her father’s grave to never letting Emeka into the house. I saw the sincerity in her eyes so I asked Uncle K to let her be because he was about to sack her. So I pleaded on her behave.

I was happy Emeka was not successful with his intentions, as that was all that mattered to me right there and then. Amina came visiting because she did not see me in school. I was so ashamed to tell what had happened so I lied to her. I was not feeling fine and I had to rest at home. I looked into her eyes to see if she bought my lies and I realized she was more comfortable with the lies than I had imagined.


Emeka was released from the police station later that afternoon. He came for his belongings and requested to have a word with me. He knelt down begging for my forgiveness and told me it was the devil’s work. He also pleaded with me to help him secure his job as our security guard.

Forgiveness was a luxury to dish out to Emeka as at that particular time. I also promised him I was going to have a discussion with Uncle K which I did but he refused bluntly but promised to give him money worth his salary for one year so as to enable him stand on his feet.

Uncle K gave Emeka the money he promised. Emeka cried like a baby; I have never seen a grown man cry this way.

I felt pity for him not minding I was the victim but the deed had been done, there was nothing I could do about it. This I know for sure. Whenever Uncle K makes up his mind about anything, no one can change his decision.

I started having series of nightmares at night and this made it difficult for me to sleep alone at night. Uncle K suggested we sleep in the same room. At first the suggestion seemed so wired, but I was left with no choice, I had to welcome the idea if it means I would be able to sleep soundly at night and no more fear of me being raped at night.




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