November 30, 2023
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Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience

I was sitting in Barrister Jide`s office speechless, my tongue caught in my throat. I had to come to the reality of my future of dependency on Uncle Kunle .A man who hates the mention of my name; he can’t stand my sight. How am I expected to live in the same house with him? […]

Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience- At his Mercy

30th of March I just can’t do this, I think It Is time I tell you what is going on, Omolola I am so sorry I have been lying to you all these while, your parents died Instantly In the car accident, you and Kunle are the only ones who survived the accident that afternoon, […]

Tales of Abused Teenager: The Omolola’s Experience-The Accident

02 January 3:00pm It was a long and quiet drive from Zone B Okota police station where Chief Williams had filed a report on the account of rape against Uncle Kunle. Uncle Kunle was beaten and tortured for one week at the police station, his face was swollen, his body was bruised all over, he […]

Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience-The Party

25th of December 12:00 pm Walking down the stairs,I could hear a familiar voice calling out my name screaming‘Omolola! ‘Omolola! Help me check the kitchen cabinet for a new pack of magi seasoning and I need it right no’that was my mother Chief Mrs Tade herself AKA Mama Show, always representing at any family event. […]

Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience- Prologue…

Pictures flashing through my mind. Flashes of how my clothes were ripped off my body. I could still feel his strong arms hooking me down, covering my mouth in a choke, holding me down all at the same time, keeping my voice from screaming out the cries of my heart. In all this horror, he […]