November 30, 2023
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Having Difficulties Combing Your Hair? See These 6 Tips for a Softer Natural Hair

As a happy young lady enjoying carrying my natural hair, It has become of note that a big concern among naturalistas, especially those with tighter textures, is brittle or hard hair. One huge question that we Naturals have struggled with is “How does one attain softer hair?” Below are six tips I have highlighted that […]

Natural Hair: 9 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening

In grooming your Natural Hair, Breakage or what most people call shedding is almost inexcusable. I have had my share of breakage and I can tell you that breakage happens. We’ve all dealt with at one time or another. Since it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate breakage, there are some preventative measures that one can […]

Photos From Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute’s Natural Hair Workshop

Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute which is one of Nigeria’s largest hair institute hosted another edition of its Natural Hair workshop in Lagos on Sunday, June 4th, 2017 with ‘Naturalistas’ in attendance. It was an exciting time for ‘Naturalistas’ as the event featured a general discussion on Natural hair trends, how to groom it and […]