Stylish Pregnancy: Knowing and Dressing Your Body Type

Pregnancy is “that” time of a woman’s life. It is a phase every woman longs to experience. The joys of motherhood can not be compared with anything: it is said to be the best feeling in the world. Though this joyous feeling comes with it perks the beauty of carrying life within is enough to keep one going. Regardless of the moods,feelings and emotions accompanied by this phase, one would have to ensure a good look. Pregnancy is not an excuse to dress shabbily- If you are pregnant, then add some style to it!

However, In being stylish all through pregnancy. We would look at 4 pregnant body types and how to dress them.

Curvy Body

Ideally, one with a curvy body is big all over in pregnancy.  Weight gain here is more in the hips, arms,thigh, breasts, bum, legs and even the face. Dressing for this body is to accentuate and elongate your features to make you look leaner and taller.

To Dress this Body

  • Choose soft fitting fabric that will form and clung to your sexy baby bump.
  • Go for dark/natural colours preferably black- it makes you look thinner and longer which will eliminate some of the bloated look.
  • Always wear your top with a Jewelry/wear a top with great embroidery on.
  • Wedges/kitten heel shoes is most ideal here, it would prevent your feet from being round and bulky.

Low Bump

Here your baby is sitting low and there is just about a cute little bump above your hips. Wear clothing that draw attention to other parts of your body to give a balanced look and fabrics that are soft around the waist lines, so it does not put pressure on the bump.

To Dress this Body

  • Go for Pencil skirts in Denim/fabrics in dark colour- dark colours make you look taller and leaner.
  • V-necks are also a great way to take away attention from your belly and give the balanced look.
  • Pair with lovely chandelier earrings.
  • Your tops should be long and cover your torso.


High Bump

Your baby sits high up your belly and sometimes makes you feel like your bust and belly are merging into one. All you have to do is define your curves differentiating your bust from your bump. Great use of colours will help achieve this.

To Dress this Body

  • Play with colours- colour block your top from your bottom
  • Try on a cute blouse with a high waisted skirt , just over your bump.
  • To achieve a more defined look, wear a skinny belt and place just above your bump to separate your top half from the bottom.
  • Pair with comfortable wedges/heels that lengthen your legs.

Petite Bump

This is the naturally slim body frame. Here the bump has no choice but to shoot all out of your really petite body. With this body, you can pull off almost any look. All you need is clothing to pop you out and give you some curves/dimension to the rest of your body.

To Dress this Body

  • Go for maternity tops that have embellishments like ruffles or a bow on the side this will add some curves to your body.
  • Wear patterns that will accentuate your growing belly and add curves to your slim figure.
  • For the bottom half of your body, go for straight leg pants or jeans with nice patch pockets that emphasize your shapely rear.
  • To finish it all off and add depth to your dressing, opt for a detailed necklace and bejeweled flats that give you an overall elegant look.

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