Stylish Mums: 6 Outfits You Can Wear Even When Breastfeeding

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Being a first time mum can be sometimes tricky, complicated, overwhelming, emotional and questionable; questions about what to wear when nursing, especially when out in public: which styles work best, which offer the most discreet and easy access, and even what brands of nursing gear to use. One of the reasons for successful  breastfeeding is knowing the right outfits to wear. it just means you have to be a bit more strategic and thoughtful when picking out your outfits. Whether you are just starting out or looking for something more flexibility in your wardrobe’ I have got some great ideas to help you look and feel fashionable.

Button-Ups Are Your Friend

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For easy access, button-up shirts are wonderful because they allow you to easily nurse your baby in a discreet way, and they can be dressed up or down, however you want. Add a cute necklace, roll up the sleeves, wear it over-sized with your favorite pair of mum jeans; a button up always looks chic and put together. It is a nursing mom’s best friend.

Look for Crossover Tops

A crossover top is a great option for nursing mums. You can find crossover tops in specialty stores like Motherhood Maternity or even regular retail stores. With an easily pulled aside crisscross V-neck, crossover tops are a nice step up from a T-shirt but are still casual enough for daily wear.

Wear a Tank Top Under Clothes

If you have to open, lift, pull aside, or unbutton your shirt or dress, having a tank top underneath will give you a better feeling of coverage. Choose a tank top with wider arm openings or a lower neckline so that you can push the tank aside or pull it down to accommodate your needs. Your abdomen and half of your neckline will still be covered when you lift up or unbutton your top layer, so it’s an easy trick to feel less exposed.

Wear a Wrap Dress
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Whether you’re looking for something for work or a night out, the wrap dress is a nursing mama’s best friend. Most dresses are awkward to wear when you’re nursing, especially ones that zip in the back, so a wrap dress is the perfect solution. With one layer of fabric draped in a crisscross over the other, you’ll have no issues getting your baby to the goods while looking amazing.

Try a V-Neck T-Shirt or Off Shoulder Blouse

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If you’re looking for something casual and comfortable to wear, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt or off shoulder blouse. If you pick a shirt with a larger neck you can easily pull the neck down to bring your breast to your baby.

Add a Scarf to Your Outfit or Wear a Long Kimono

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Would you like some extra privacy without the hassle of carrying a Hooter Hider with you everywhere? Scarves have been a fashion mainstay for a few years now and are a beautiful way to accent any outfit. Choose wider scarves in thin fabrics so that you don’t feel weighed down.

Remember, the number one tip is to not limit yourself when nursing. Just because you’re nursing, doesn’t mean you can’t wear pretty dresses and be stylish.


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