Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience- Prologue…

Pictures flashing through my mind. Flashes of how my clothes were ripped off my body. I could still feel his strong arms hooking me down, covering my mouth in a choke, holding me down all at the same time, keeping my voice from screaming out the cries of my heart. In all this horror, he kept whispering into my ears “Omolola, I Love you”, “be mine, all mine”….

These words fell like an egg, they dropped on me like a bomb; never in my wildest imagination did I ever imagine my Uncle Kunle say this to me. Every now and then, he would come into my room in the middle of the night, satisfying and pleasuring himself all the way. I began thinking “Could this be love?”

If truly this reveals the definition of love, then I do not want to be loved by anyone ever! Love has the meaning; it makes no sense. In my world, there is no such thing.

I always found myself helpless each time he was in my room.

Hmmmm… who would I tell my story? Who would believe me?

The day I tried telling my aunt remains evergreen in my mind, she flogged sense into me, I began seeing stars.  “Huh-Huh,Omolola, shut up! Stop vomiting that rubbish from the toilet you call your mouth! Abi e ma gboro” My Aunt cut me short before I could let it all out.

After my parent died I lost everything to Uncle Kunle since I was a minor at the time of my parent’s death.According to my father’s will, Uncle Kunle would be in charge of the properties and my guardian till I clock 18.

I heaved a sigh upon hearing this, somehow I knew I had entered the “doom”…

Serah Aina

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