Planning a Wedding? These Tips Will Help You Choose The Right Bridal Accessories

Brides-to-be sometimes find it difficult choosing the bridal accessories. As simple as these accessories might be, this is a very crucial part of a brides dressing. The hair as we all know is the crown of the woman, so it has to be rightly adorned. Below are tips on how to choose the proper accessory for the most memorable day in your lifetime.

Wedding Dress

The most important aspect of your overall wedding look is your wedding dress. The dress is going to set the style for your whole look. If your dress is more simple with no embellishments, it leaves you more open in choosing any type of accessories. If your dress has more detailed embellishments, you will want to take this into consideration when choosing accessories. The color of the dress is also a consideration when choosing.


Wedding Theme

Look for accessories that are in line with the overall look and feel of your wedding and your own personal style.

Gold or Silver

Gold plated hair accessories are more popular than ever before but many brides are confused as to whether they should go for the gold. Gold accessories flow best with an ivory, off-white or champagne dress. Also make sure to stay consistent and if you are wearing gold hair accessories make sure your bridal jewelry is gold as well. Gold accessories look stunning with any hair color or complexion so whether you are a blonde goddess or a dark beauty gold will definitely work for you.

Type of Accessory

Now we come down to the dicey part! With so many options, how do you know exactly what type of hair accessory to choose? It’s simple go for what you look elegant in.


Veil or No Veil

The bridal veil is the quintessential bridal accessory and the one thing that you can’t wear on any other day so if you are on the fence about wearing a veil then you should go for it. Most brides nowadays opt to go for the traditional look of wearing a veil for the ceremony but then take it off for the reception so that they can hug guests and dance the night away unencumbered. If this is your plan, just make sure that you plan for this in advance and have someone that can help you take the veil off and re-position your hair accessories if necessary. Also make sure that your veil is attached with a metal comb as opposed to plastic, it is going to be much easier to take on and off without pulling your hairstyle out.


The second thing to take into consideration is your wedding day hairstyle. It is best to choose your hairstyle first and then add your accessories to compliment the style. Another thing to take into consideration is your hair type. If your hair is on the finer side, you will want to stay away from heavier metal pieces that might not stay well in your hair or weigh it down.

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