Nollywood Favourites- 5 Movies That Will Always Remain Evergreen

Nollywood movies before now had been stereotyped to basically the incidents surrounding the rituals men do for money, blood covenants and occultic purposes. Eventually, we progress a bit and then started acting movies to portray love and romance. Evidently, the latter genre was more accepted because it soothes the thought of an average individual and leaves you wanting some good loving.

These movies will always ring a bell in the mind of movie lovers.

Lagos Cougars

Romantic here could possibly be for one of the couples in the movie. They all had their issues and were dealing with them as well as they could but the characters of the boss lady and her employee got my attention the most. A young lad who had a crush on his boss and found a way to nurture this crush till it turned to love for her.  This is not the everyday kind of love and that is the tripping part of it all because in the employer/employee way, they find genuine love and romance.

Mr. & Mrs.

At the beginning of the movie, there was nothing romantic about their marriage. A lady barrister doing all she can to make her husband happy and her marriage blissful but her husband nonsense her efforts and makes her feel like she is nothing and so she decided to give him a taste of his medicine. Apparently, he had to show how much he loves her so she doesn’t walk away from his life.


Seventy six is a historical fictional drama that showed how an Army officer fell in love with an O level student and she eventually got pregnant for him. Even though the relationship is dented by constant military posting, the couple still find a way to make it through all of that and hold strong through it all.

Flower Girl

She is a pretty and simple florist who tries her best to live a normal and good life. Her boyfriend on the other hand seems to be lost in working his best for his boss. She decides to team up with a popular actor to get her boyfriend jealous and let him know what he is missing. The process of all these gives our “flower girl” some experience she never knew about.

Okafor’s Law

Notorious playboy “Chucks the Terminator” felt like nothing or no one can make him be in love until he meets this persistent female who showed that he can love and be loved regardless. Chuck starts to find reasons to love someone and share a romantic life asides his life of promiscuousness and he decides to settle down. In the end love actually matters.

Today, Nollywood has done well to portray love and romance. Kudos Nollywood!

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