Nigerian Delicacies: 12 Tasty Meals Everyone Should Try Out

Nigeria is a blessed nation with diversity in culture, language, beliefs, food and religion. One of the things that makes us unique is our varieties of meal. You cannot have a taste of any Nigerian delicacy with craving for more. Of the Unique and delicious meal we have, these stand out.

Nigerian jollofJollof Rice

The meal Jollof rice, has been heard all over the world. I dare say anyone who has not had a taste of this delicacy is yet to know the meaning of delicious. Infact there has been a global argument on which Jollof rice is most tasty, trust Nigerian Jollof to win the debate.

It does not only look inviting, it tastes….yummy!

You can cook a meal of Jollof rice this way.

Bean Cake

Locally called Akara. These delicious protein snack can be eaten with pap (ogi) or bread making them ideal for breakfast. Most people use peeled brown beans, ground and blended with onions and spices or beans powder and fry in vegetable oil. This will help you make it.


Spiced cuts of meat, grilled with oil &spices (yaji) over an open flame. Often served with sharp, raw chopped onions, tomato, cucumber and cabbage. They can either be wrapped in a foil or newspaper. This is an exquisite delicacy; a specialty of the northerners. The peppery taste is soothing.


The roselle plant is the zobo flower itself. It is used in making the zobo drink. Anyone can make the drink to suit his/her taste. Very healthy and medicinal– one can add fruits of any kind to give it a fruity taste. Find the recipe for zobo drink here.

Moin Moin

Of the protein family, Moin Moin is made of peeled Nigerian brown beans ground together with onions, bell pepper, palm oil and spices, and steamed in banana leaves, small bowls or nylons. This meal can be garnished with fish, eggs, and beef dependent on choice.

Can be eaten as part of a main dish with, e.g. with rice, bread or soaked garri. Here is the recipe.


An all-time favourite, these are slices of ripe plantain fried in a pan of vegetable oil. They can be cut anyhow either in slim diagonal slices, circles or cubes (and deep-dried. Some people like to sprinkle some salt on before frying, but that’s down to personal taste. It’s a snack, a side dish, a main meal. You would always enjoy a meal of dodo. It can be served as a whole meal and/or a side dish.

All you need do is peel, chop and fry the plantain.


This is a leafy vegetable soup from the Cross River region of Nigeria. The (iron-rich) greens are a mixture of ugwu (a fluted pumpkin leaf) and gbure (waterleaf). In places where these leaves are unavailable, people use spinach (efo soko) instead. This soup includes a blend of meat, fish and periwinkles.

Edikangikong can be eaten with pounded yam or fufu.


Otherwise called Apon by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. This soup is made from grounded ogbono (African mango) seeds plus palm oil, stock fish and spices. It is a draw soup usually eaten with eba, fufu, pounded yam or amala. It makes swallowing easy. This is the recipe here.

Pepper Soup

A very spicy drinking soup or broth, full of assorted choped meat or fish and scented leaves of Uziza. You can add extras like chunks of boiled plantain or yam, as well as a dash of palm oil to serve. The spices used vary depending on the region; every ethnic group has its own unique way of making this soup: which may include the use of local scented leaves and spices. Got a cold, pepper soup is the best remedy. It can be prepared this way


A palm fruit-based soup that is most commonly associated with the Delta region, and particularly the Urhobo ethnic group. Cooking this soup requires the palm fruit, fish and seafood, beef etc.

The taste of this soup is different. A blend of palm fruits, shellfish and meat creates that delicious exquisite taste. This is best eaten with Starch or Eba. The recipe is here

Efo Riro

The Efo riro is a Yoruba dish. It is a Vegetable stew, rich in blended scotch bonnets, bell pepper, onions locust beans and plenty of palm oil. Efo soko is best for making this soup. You can prepare this meal following these steps

Ewa Agoyin

A taste of this meal will leave you drooling for more. Ewa Agoyin is mashed brown beans served with a pepper and palm oil sauce.

This originated from the Beninoise people of Benin Republic. The beans is cooked until very soft and served with dark peppery sauce made of palm oil base, dried peppers and onions. Can be eaten with bread, plaintain or yam. The recipe is here

There you have it, these exquisite meals give Nigeria a unique identity of its own. Let’s have your experience if you have tasted any of the above. Please feel free to share any meal you think should be included in this list.




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