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Natural Hair: 9 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening

Natural Hair: 9 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening
In grooming your Natural Hair, Breakage or what most people call shedding is almost inexcusable. I have had my share of breakage and I can tell you that breakage happens.
We’ve all dealt with at one time or another.
Since it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate breakage, there are some preventative measures that one can take.

Stop The Hair Breaking Behaviour

There are 3 common types of breakage: mechanical/manual (breakage from combing or manipulating hair), physical (breakage caused by heat appliances or physical elements such as dry air), and chemical (breakage caused by chemical treatments or using harsh chemicals as hair treatments).

What’s important to remember is anything in excess can potentially damage and break hair.  But if you notice more breakage or any hair loss, assess your routine and eliminate the hair breaking behaviour.

Learn the Best Ways to Handle Your Hair

The longer your hair grows, the more gradual hair care changes is required. That means preventing breakage by sometimes pre-pooing (pre-shampoo treatment) with coconut oil, using olive & coconut oil for an oil rinse, and shampooing my hair in twists or plaits.  Experiment with extra measures to minimize breakage in your hair.

Deep Condition Regularly

It is essential to deep condition your hair almost weekly so as to add an extra boost of moisture and breakage prevention.  Ensure you deep condition your hair always and be sure you will notice less breakage and shedding.

Detangle Damp Hair Not Wet Hair

Hair is at its most fragile when wet. If you have highly textured hair that tangles easily, it is best to lightly mist your hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb before shampooing. Shampooing in plaits or jumbo twists also prevents tangles and breakage.

Trim Those Dead Ends

I know it may seem counterproductive when you’re trying to grow your hair. But removing split ends is the only way to prevent further damage on other parts of the same hair strand where split ends are present. Trimming the tip/dead ends will help keep your hair in optimal shape and decrease breakage.


Moisturize Your Hair As Needed

Your Hair needs the perfect balance of moisture and protein to remain healthy or breakage free.  Hydrated hair is not easily broken. If you notice popping of hair strands, that’s a good sign that moisture is needed.

Don’t Over Do It With Moisturizing

There is a such thing as over moisturizing. Your hair will feel spongy when you deep condition overnight, baggy or practice the greenhouse effect too often. This will cause breakage and shedding. However, You can remedy this by incorporating a protein-based deep conditioning treatment.

Pay Due Respect To Your Scalp

A healthy scalp is essential to growing healthy hair.  Cleansing your scalp at least bi-weekly and keeping scalp moisturize can prevent hair loss and scalp irritation.

Give Your Ends Extra TLC

Your ends are both the oldest part of your hair and the most fragile.  They need a little extra attention.  Make sure you have your ends covered by applying product from ends to roots.

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