Home Career Motherhood and Career: 7 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Work

Motherhood and Career: 7 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Work

Motherhood and Career: 7 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Work

Right from childhood, the African girl-child is reminded that she must clean and cook while looking after her siblings. This might be the reason why some women believe that the final destination is motherhood via marriage and become full housewives. Contrary to what you might be thinking, being a full housewife is not a bad thing as it is based on the need to pay attention to the home-front.  It can be a beautiful thing as long as it is combined with something else. The fulfillment of a woman is no longer solely dependent on the well-being of her home. To leave your mark in your community and the world at large, it is important to work. Working in this context simply means meeting another need apart from the family needs.  Therefore, every woman must work for the following reasons:

To Contribute

The unpredictable nature of the economy and ever-increasing financial needs makes this necessary. As a woman, you cannot afford to be a liability by depending on your spouse for everything. You have to bring something to the table no matter how little it seems. The internet has made it easy to make money from the comfort of your home by writing, blogging and selling on e-commerce platforms among other things. This additional income can buy provisions for the home. Whatever your income is, it will help lighten your husband’s burden. Your husband might be the breadwinner but your ability to add the bean cakes will make the meal a balanced one. Your husband will not only appreciate you more, your self-worth will improve based in the need you are able to meet.

To Add Value

Everybody carries value that can only be given by working. This is why running a business or working in an organization is very important. For everything you do, things become better as needs are being met everywhere you go. Lives and communities will be positively impacted as a result of the services you offer or the intellectual value that you add within a system. You will not only get financial returns for doing this, you will also find fulfilment as you reach new heights in your workplace or record more profit in your business dealings.

To Grow

It is often said that practice makes perfect. This saying is also true when it comes to working. For every time you face difficulties in business or at the workplace, you learn how to think creatively and solve problems without creating a new one. Working does not only develop your decision-making skills, it also helps you identify your areas of strength and weakness while giving you insight into the abilities of your fellow workers or employees. It is therefore safe to say that working makes you become a better manager of people and resources.

To Network

No man is an island. You don’t have to be disabled to depend on the next person. Decisions, family, growth and net-worth can be affected by the next person. For every time you work in a company or do business, you have to work with someone. The way you relate with people will either speed-up your success or slow it down. This is why you must have sound networking skills no matter what you do. As a business person, you must grow your customer base to get referrals whenever you work with a new person or company. As a worker, you need to make new friends and learn new skills for the next level in your career. When you meet and relate with people, you are able to improve and learn in order to move your career and/or business forward.

To Build Capacity

Working does not only affect your financial, social and emotional abilities, it also provides a training ground to build you for political positions. Working rolls everything into one giant ball by teaching you the power of networking, taking responsibility, making sound decisions and managing resources to impact a system. A man/woman who cannot manage fellow workers or run a business well cannot be trusted with power. Working does not only expose you to the positive/negative sides of power, it also shows you the importance of having personal principles that helps you take actions. Whether you work as a business person or an employee, you will get feedbacks in form of the books or appraisal sessions. Working helps you know the areas you need to work on while helping you play up your strength in order to become a leader.

To Become a Better You

Working tests every part of your person. You learn how to manage your emotions well because of the need to get the best out of the next person. You understand the need to set goals for yourself and achieve them because your progress depends on that. You decide to manage your time effectively because you know that things will suffer if you are sloppy. You are able to work with a budget because you have to give a feedback of how you used your resources. All these will also impact your home as you are able to use the skills learnt at home in the office and vice versa. After a period of time, working brings out the best in you by making you an improved version of your former self.

To Fulfill Purpose

Everyone is born with one or more gifts. The gift of a man/woman makes room for him that is if he/she decides to put it to use. Your gift is tied to something that you are passionate about. Once you have identified this gift, you need a platform to put it to use for the good of mankind. Working gives you a platform to discover this gift and put it to use on a grand scale. If you have the gift of writing, you can work in a media company or start a writing business. Some people love to cook and built a business based on that gift. Working can help you own a business and or a Non Governmental Organisation where you also give people room to put their gift to use. Therefore one should not only work to earn money, one should do so to leave a mark.

All these are very important reasons why a woman should not see her gender as a reason to be laid back. Above all, Work to fulfill your purpose and give the world something to remember you for when you are gone.

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