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Minor Stay-at-Home Jobs During Maternity Leave

Minor Stay-at-Home Jobs During Maternity Leave

Mostly, We take our maternity leave to rest/prepare for the arrival of a newborn. For women are faced with the excitement and adventure of starting a new family/ welcoming an addition to the family, they’re then also faced with the crippling decision to put a career on hold, which often stunts any further professional development upon return to the workforce. These women are forced to ask: Will I return to the same job in the next two or twelve months? Will I be able to juggle career and a new born? Will I be forced to make more difficult choices between my children, family and work?

Imagine if women could choose to take maternity leave while also advancing their skills and careers at the same time?

The maternity leave period present mums-to-be the opportunity to redefine their aspirations either by solely concentrating on career and/or child bearing.

That’s where I believe remote work is one potential solution for women to take charge and completely redefine life during and beyond maternity leave. Granted there will be new parents who are satisfied with making family their ultimate career. But what about those who desire a career alongside family?

Remote work presents a sort of fluidity to workable hours. You have the ability to control the hours you want to keep for work/family.

So, If you have made the decision to take on some form of work while on maternity leave may be to supplement your household income, avoid the typical “resume gap” women experience to raise a family; or to keep your skills sharp for whenever you decide to return to work. Here are some form of stay-home employment to consider even during your maternity leave.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual task and administration management is a popular entry-level or advanced remote work role. This service includes –

*Traditional administrative services like inbox management, calendar management, document formatting, proofreading and editing.

*Online marketing implementation services like blog post editing and formatting, email newsletter preparation, social media content curation and scheduling, revisions to existing website pages or the creation of new website pages.

Qualities some organisations may require for this job role: Blog Management skill, Social Media Management skill, Email Marketing Consultant, Social Media Consultant

Online Customer Support

Startups and established businesses are hungry for talent that can connect with customers. Especially if that means making paying customers happy for the service provided. Online customer support jobs can either be:

*Responding to mails detailing customers complaints.

*Responding to support requests, inquires and general business feedback coming in through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Providing live chat support to website visitors or users of a software application for example.

There you have it, These stay- at- home jobs will not only keep you a little preoccupied during your maternity leave but also fetch you extra income to sustain your home. Do you have any one currently on maternity leave? Either of the jobs listed above will really be helpful.


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