Meal Planning Made Easy: 5 Food Tips for Working Mums

Everyone knows motherhood is tough. One of the most challenging parts of food matters is meal planning. Meal planning forms a major foundation for a great family life. From fussing over the little ones to ensuring the man of the house stays healthy and fine, the work associated with every meal never ends.

In this article, you will discover how to make meal time easy and more interesting with these meal planning tips. Here are five ways to simplify food matters without stress:

Practise Bulk Buying

The thought of going to the market every other day is enough to weigh any woman down. All you need to make it easy is to work with a standard list of your weekly food needs. Once this is adequately captured, you can create a workable budget and shop biweekly or monthly. Your time, body and family will thank you.

Follow a Meal Table

Waiting hours before mealtime makes it difficult to attend to food matters. Creating a food table, however, gives you food ideas you can work with every other day. Apart from having options to choose from, you also get the chance to prepare a balanced diet for every member of the family. For food ideas to add to the Meal table, check out SisiYemmie’s Youtube Channel.

Add Fruits to the Mix

Meal planning is not only about food, fruits also play a major part in this episode. Fruits give vitamins and minerals to balance out the nutrients gotten from food. Fruits do not only give your body these additional nutrients; they also function as healthy snacks giving you and your loved ones alternatives outside of food. From oranges to pineapples to walnuts, there are many options to choose from for a satisfying meal-planning arrangement. Try it out today!

Embrace Leftovers

Every time you make a meal, especially for a large family, there is the possibility of having leftovers. The good part is you can rejig the leftover into a different meal. For example, leftover white rice can be used to make fried rice. Leftover yams can be used to make porridge the next day. There is room for creativity if you give yourself enough room. Think about it.

Prepare Ingredients Ahead

This tip is easy to miss but makes all the difference.

One major way to reduce the time spent whipping up meals is to prepare ingredients the day before. Have plans to make a salad? Slice the condiments the day before and store them in the fridge. This means a shorter time of preparation and ease. Wish to make fried rice on a Wednesday? Parboil the rice and dice the vegetables on Tuesday. Get into the kitchen on Wednesday and whip the main dish up in less than 20 mins. Yes, it is that simple!

All of these tips give you the resources needed to make mealtime easier. Have you tried any? Share by leaving a comment below. Watch out for the next article!

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