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Five Business Hacks from Rihanna

When it comes to celebrities in business, Rihanna is a major force to reckon with. In spite of life conflicts and humble beginnings, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires. From being an army cadet at the age of 11 to selling clothes with her father from a stall on the streets of Bridgetown to becoming a renowned billionaire, the 34-year-old mogul and mum has shown us time and time again that it is possible to have it all.

Here are 5 business lessons from Rihanna:

Prepare Well

You know the popular saying, preparation meets opportunity, that is a summary of Rihanna’s life trajectory. After auditioning with the music business producer, Evan Rogers during his vacation in Barbados, in 2003, the rest is history. Rihanna walked into that room prepared and ready to get a deal.

She made such an impression that Evan introduced her to Jay Z and LA Reid; they both made a move to sign her to their record label. Her fame rose and earned her the title of the bestselling digital artist of all time.

Embrace Collaboration

Rihanna has an eye for partnerships. From collaborations with musical artists to partnering with Benoit Demouy to launch a beauty and stylist agency named; FR8ME and creating Fenty the fashion brand for the LVMH luxury group, Rihanna understands how to leverage her network. Rihanna’s collaboration with the company paid off.

Rihanna has worked and partnered with various high-profile brands. Doing this yielded mutually beneficial results, thereby, bringing both businesses to the forefront. She has gone on to launch, Fenty Beauty, SavageXFenty, Fenty Skin, Fenty Hair, and other successful businesses. You would be right to call Fenty, a full-fledged household name in the industry.

Take Risks

Everyone knows that taking risks is number one on the list of advice from major business moguls. While risks may sound like bad news, a business person harnesses the opportunities failure presents by seeing it as an opportunity to learn.

Speaking of setbacks, Rihanna has forged ahead to become the billionaire she is today. During the pandemic, Fenty and LVMH group took out time to strategize and focus on SavageXFenty, the lingerie brand, which soon gained momentum. Today, it is one of the most successful lingerie brands to reckon with.

Be Strategic

Rihanna recently released ‘Lift Me Up‘ a soundtrack for the Black Panther sequel entitled Wakanda Forever. This comes after a long break from the music scene. The film rakes in millions at the box office; this means her song receives a promotion at little or no cost. The lesson here is to pick your business projects carefully. Go for work or contracts that are worth your time and will give you the reach you need to experience growth. Your business will thank you.

Be Kind

An artist in the morning and a business mogul at night, Rihanna finds ways to show kindness and give back. Rihanna’s Believe Foundation pays for the treatment of critically ill children at various hospices. She launched her Clara Lionel foundation in 2012, which supports education and health programs worldwide. Her humanitarian side earned her the award of Harvard Foundation for Humanitarian of the year.

Rihanna was the first global ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education in 2021. She used her voice to advocate support for education programs. She has learned to pay it forward and reaps the benefits years after.

Against all odds, Rihanna has emerged as a celebrity with a solid business side. Learn from her and put these nuggets to use. You too can win if you put your mind to it.

Try it!

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