Home Fashion Ladies Shoes: 4 Essential Classic Investments For Your Personal Style

Ladies Shoes: 4 Essential Classic Investments For Your Personal Style

Ladies Shoes: 4 Essential Classic Investments For Your Personal Style

Shoes are a classic! Ladies who love to look good would spend a fortune on their shoes. The Toke Makinwa’s of our time have considered shoes an investment. Truthfully, a vain mind believes there is nothing such as having too many shoes- Tell that to a fashionista and you would be in for a lecture on why you need to keep a pile of shoes!

Just in case you have decided to build yourself a ‘shoe territory’ owning a pair or two of the basics listed below would ensure you have the desired chic sophisticated look.


Simple Slides

satin slidesYour collection of shoes is definitely not complete without an everyday slide or slipper. Let’s be honest, you can certainly never wear a 6 inches heel all day. Some of us are guilty of carrying around a pair of slip-ons whenever we are out and opt for it when the “heel struggle” becomes unbearable. Asides that, slip ons are the most convenient item a girl could have. They are a fantastic options for days were you want to be super easy-breezy.

Nude Classic Pointed Pumps Image result for NUDE PUMPS

Nude pumps are a no brainer, the shoe adds a sophisticated and polished look to your outfit. These classic piece is worth investing in. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that would never disappoint, then this is it. They go with just about everything: a timeless statement at can be worn anywhere.

White SneakersImage result for white sneaker

A pair of stylish sneakers is a wardrobe basic. It leaves you looking chic comfy and stylish. They are perfect for the weekends: hanging out with friends or running errands. A lot more people are now dumping the traditional ballet flats for cool kicks.

Strappy heels

Image result for strappy heel

They also go with everything in your wardrobe and work wonders if you need to lengthen your legs. Sometimes, an ankle strap sandal is a much cooler option to your regular pumps as it gives a more casual feel plus it’s perfect if you need to show off that fresh new pedicure. They come in various forms and designs so you can just pick a pair or two that appeal the most to your fashion sense.


Shoes are accesories worth having. Get one of these and be ready to shine on!


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