Home Beauty Ladies Makeup: The Best Blush Colour for Every Skin Tone  

Ladies Makeup: The Best Blush Colour for Every Skin Tone  

Ladies Makeup: The Best Blush Colour for Every Skin Tone   

The right blush can brighten up anyone’s face instantly. Finding the right blush, however, is different for everyone. While a pale pink might look amazing on your girlfriend, it might look tacky on you and though coral seems to make your colleague look perpetually tan, it might wash you out.

Here, the single best colours perfect for your skin tone.



Best For Fair Skin: Soft Pinks

It’s the colour that is closest to your natural flush. Richer shades like coral can read a bit orange on fair skin, and brighter pinks can easily veer into ’80s territory. For a soft, pretty glow, stick to sheer formulas and apply them with a light hand.


Best For Beige(Brownish-Yellow or Pale Brown) Skin:

Since you have a bit more colour than your fair-skinned friends, you can bump up the colour of your blush, too. A dusty rose will give you a flattering flush that won’t look too obvious or unnatural.



Best For Olive Skin: Warm Peaches

You can pretty much have that sun kissed glow all year round with the right blush. A warm peach so something that’s slightly more orange than pink will give you an immediate boost of colour.


Best For Bronze Skin: Shimmery Peaches

Similar to your olive complexioned friends, you want something that complements the warmth in your skin. A more pigmented peach with a hint of shimmer will brighten things up another notch and highlight your natural glow.



Best For Light Brown Skin: Bright Berries

Be careful around softer pinks and peaches that might wash you out. Instead, opt for a bright berry that pops more. Tap some blush onto your cheeks and blend the remaining colour below cheekbones to really bring them out.


Best For Dark Brown Skin: Terra-Cotta Reds

Don’t be afraid of bold shades. A warm brick red will liven up your complexion without overpowering it. Still worried about it looking too bright? Apply the blush before your foundation so it softens the colour and makes you glow from within.



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