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Kidnappings in the Lagos environs: 11 Security Measures for a Safer Neighbourhood

Kidnappings in the Lagos environs: 11 Security Measures for a Safer Neighbourhood

Kidnapping is the unlawful abduction and confinement of a person against his or her will. In the past few days, there have been series of kidnappers den cases all over Lagos. Ranging from Badoo boys in Ikorodu, to the ferocious dens in the Alagbado and Ikeja area of Lagos. As such there is a need to ensure necessary security measures.

Whatever these set’s modus operandi may be, it is imminent that we put measures in place to stop them. Hence, The following are well thought-out measures for to observe.

Get a Committed Night Watchman

If you really want to sleep with your guard down, then it is imperative that you get a night watch man whose primary purpose is to stay awake keeping a tab on your street alone, not just some random persons involved in safeguarding more than one street at the same time. This clearly would leave some streets vulnerable. Optionally, in the availability of funds, you could decide to hire special mobile policemen to watch your neighbourhood.

Lock Your Windows

From recent happenings, it has been gathered that kidnappers gain access to their victims’ rooms through the window.  Then a deadly Chloroform sleeping gas is released through the window which makes the victims fall into a deep sleep until access is gained. If windows are well locked, it becomes difficult to release these kinds of gases into the house

Put off Your Generator

The noise from generating sets have a way of causing distractions hence allowing the smooth running of these mysterious sets. However, when total silence is observed, the neighbourhood becomes sensitive to noise hence making it difficult for kidnappers to operate.

Possibly Use a Halogen Lamp or Alternative

In addition to maintaining total silence, it is important to illuminate the neighbourhood. Since power is not stable in this part of the world, a rechargeable halogen lamp or an alternative would do a great deal of protection outside the house. An illuminated environment wards off ill-intentions.

Use a Better Burglary Proof

Most kidnapping groups penetrate through the window. Hence, you should consider getting a better burglary proof with little or no space. If their hands cannot go in through space in the burglary proof, it becomes difficult to open the window let alone spray the deadly chloroform gas.

There are several other security measures to be taken. This will be discussed in coming article. In the meantime, stay alert and report every suspect to the police station.

Get a Specific Time to Lock all Doors

Once the time for complete lock down has been set, it beefs up security.  Hence, allowing security agents (police officers and vigilante) to properly monitor the neighbourhood. Anyone caught later in the night would then be regarded as an intruder.

Be Discreet About Your Movements

This is a security tactic that has always worked. There is a possibility that this voracious sets of people track their victims for about a week. To thread on the side of caution, ensure you use different routes every time. In short, be unpredictable.

Be Careful With The Intake Of Alcohol

With the intake of alcohol, it is possible you let out too much of sensitive information. Thia can potentially put you in the rader of the dreaded Badoo group. Remeber, they are just like you and me, dressed in fine clothing, looking for who to devour.

Use an Intruder and Access Alarm System

This is a technology designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or area. These are used in residential, commercial, industrial to prevent theft or burglar. it may be quite expensive but effective for neighbourhoods that can afford it. This implies that at every intrusion, the alarm system is activated and blares until deactivated.

Turn off Location Update on Social Media

It is important that when updating your status on social media, NEVER use the Geotap function – which automatically records your current location as at the time of the update. This can potentially hint the kidnappers on your current location and lead them right to you.

Do Not Flaunt Your Financial Status on Social Media

Wearing expensive watches, displaying expensive properties on social media, brandishing yourself like a wealthy person or even displaying your net-worth on social media can draw undue attention to you. therefore, it is wise to stay less visible on social media if you are not a celebrity with the right amount of security in place.

Finally, for believers, it is imminent to watch and pray.

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