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How To Set Your Child Up For Success in The New School Year

How To Set Your Child Up For Success in The New School Year

The new school year has already kicked in. As a parents, it is time to think of possible ways to help our children prepare for success in their various academic endeavour.  Sometimes, while preparing these kids, parents tend to set an overwhelming target for the kids or totally neglect involvement in the kid’s affair – which then makes them feel unimportant. To be an award-winning parent, a mixture is needed.  Be involved; set targets; but realistic ones.

Kindly see below the tips to assist you in setting up your child for success this year and the next…

Discover Why Your Child Misbehaves

When your child misbehaves, it connotes that he/she is troubled. Hence there is a need is ask WHY. Why will your 10 year old daughter not sleep at night? or ever stop arguing? Why is she behind in her school works? Seeking to know WHY would better help the parents manage their children’s behaviour without having to use manipulative gimmicks such as punishments and rewards.

Understand Your Child’s Psychological Makeup

When you understand your child’s psychological makeup, you naturally abandon the physical motivation aforementioned.  Every child craves for success. They want to be the best in the environment they find themselves. The job of the parent, therefore,  is to discover the child’s natural niche – Where he or she can perform optimally.

Consider the Match Between Your Child and The Environment

If your child finds pleasure in singing, pay more attention to it by enrolling her in a music school. If your child develops a flair for repairing things early in life, it is an indication that he/she will do well in an engineering school. By constructively putting round pegs in round holes, your child will be less likely to be frustrated. She will be more likely to be happy. A happy child seldom misbehaves.

Let Your Expectations Be in Accordance with Your Child’s Temperament

Having positive, realistic expectations for your child’s achievements and behaviour is something to strive for. You would not expect your slightly reserved child on the basketball team. Also, you would not expect your playful child to do so well in the computer programming session which requires complete concentration. Do not assume that you can change your child’s innate biology to suit the school or the role. Instead set your expectations where your kids can flourish.

Finally, three questions would guide you to maintain a successful school year for your child.

Have you noticed anything about your child school setting?

What are your expectations based on the settings?

Does the setting fit the child’s personality? if these three questions are not answered satisfactorily then perhaps you need a re-think.

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