Home Beauty How to Have a Flawless Skin: 5 Must Do Things That Will Make You Glow

How to Have a Flawless Skin: 5 Must Do Things That Will Make You Glow

How to Have a Flawless Skin: 5 Must Do Things That Will Make You Glow

Having a flawless skin is every ladies dream. Naturally, no lady wants to be spotted with any imperfection on her skin. Imperfections like pimples, blackheads and open pores to a lady, is like a stain on her skin. In other to get rid of all these imperfections some go to the length of skin bleaching/lightening as a result of these acts some ladies had been left with discoloured face and body while some ladies who seem to get it right may be at the mercy of skin cancer at an older age.

You do not have to break the bank to purchase these skin care products before you have a flawless skin. A good skin care routine will help you achieve that flawless skin you so desire. Before you develop a skin care routine you have to know your skin type.

Demi Moore an American actress and model once said “I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup”.

Listed below are types of skin which I believe will be helpful:

Normal skin

A normal skin is said to be neither tight nor oily, it display a smooth texture and a clear surface.

Dry skin

Dry skin feels tight and flaky especially during the harmattan season and this is as a result of lack of moisture, the skin appears dull this skin type requires serious and close attention.

Oily skin

This type of skin is said to be oily all over, it is shiny and thick. Oily skin is prone to blackheads and other imperfections. It is rampant more in men than in women

Combination skin

This skin type is very common. It is a combination of Oily, normal and dry skin. It could be dryness on the cheeks, dryness around the eyes while oily around the nose, forehead and chin.

When an irritation is seen on a skin maybe as a result of redness, itching, burning or dryness to the application of skin care products. The skin is said to be sensitive.

All skin types have a specific skin care routine, a visit to a dermatologist will help you know your skin type.

How to Have a Flawless Skin

You Are What You Eat

If you desire a flawless skin, you need to cultivate a healthy eating habit. Eating clean should be utmost priority that means eating more fruits, eating vegetables in place of junks. Carbonated water drink and drink more of water. So avoid toxic in your body system.

Have A Skin Care Routine

It is important to know the exact regimen that will work for your skin. I quite understand it might be difficult for one to stick with a routine but I will encourage you to develop one and stick by it. Make sure your routine includes not sleeping at night with your make up, try and clean it up before going to bed. Face cleaners and facial wipes should be part of your skin care product.

Stop The Touchy Act

I know it is quite difficult when we see some imperfections on our face, we tend to always get carried away with playing with pimples or black heads. When we do this, our face get infected with our dirty hands at the same time we spread the substance from the burst pimples to other parts of the face, leading to more pimples. My advice is do not touch stick to your skin care routine.

The No Heavy Sun Therapy

We can all agree that a little vitamin D from the sun does the body some good. I mean you are not a vampire who does not love to stay under the sun so I will advise you invest in some sunglasses and sun hat to prevent the sun from drying up the moisture on your face.

Manage Your Stress Level

Practicing stress management techniques is also important to your skin. After a hard day’s job, try inculcate a stress management technique that will help calm your nerves. Your psychological balance is very important hence it is necessary for you to engage in activities such as sports, listening to music and meditation.

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