Home Career How to Ace That Job Interview: 6 Factors That Will Help You Leave a Good Impression

How to Ace That Job Interview: 6 Factors That Will Help You Leave a Good Impression

How to Ace That Job Interview: 6 Factors That Will Help You Leave a Good Impression

As a job seeker, preparing your CV is like an exam before the main exam. When you receive the call you have been waiting for, you are so happy that you celebrate that small victory. But is that really all there is to it? You might assume that it is normal to go in and wow the interview panel but it is not that simple. How do you prepare to sell yourself to people you have never met? Here are a few deeds that can make a major difference.


Getting a job is a job. This simply means that you have to put your best foot forward by knowing about the potential place of employment. It is expected that you must have dug up some information to help you put your CV and Cover letter together. However, going in for an interview is a different ball game. You must read up on the company, understand the nature of the company’s work and their culture. Browsing the website or asking someone who works with the company will help you prepare better by giving you an idea of the company’s values, work ethics and even the sector they operate in. This will also help you with some important choices as knowledge is power.

Look Good

Your outfit can make or mar your chances of getting the job so you must do it right. The standard dress code for any interview is a corporate outfit. This could be a smart dress with pumps or a skirt/trouser with a shirt and/or blazer. The outfits for interview must be solid (not too loud and not too serious). These colors include Grey, Navy Blue, Off-White, Burgundy which can be mixed with other rich colors for balance. Wearing Yellow or Neon Pink is a no-no as you don’t want to come across as attention-seeking. Wearing a black dress with black shoes might make you look snobbish or out-of-place. Make-up should be subtly applied to avoid wrong impressions of vanity. Make sure the outfit is not tight, dirty or short so they can listen to you with fairness and not write you off as unkempt or seductive. Balance is key.

Smell Right

The way you smell can either convince or confuse the panel. It will not be proper to sit before a group smelling like you poured the whole bottle of perfume on yourself. It is also rude to torment the panel with an offensive body odor. Your scent is something you must deliberately work on. Apply your roll-on and use a subtle perfume that will give you a fresh scent. That way, you will eliminate the possibility of making anyone sneeze throughout the meeting due to an allergy or writing you off as a cheap skate. You should also suck on mint so your mouth stays hydrated and your breath smells fresh during the meeting. This will also boost your confidence as you answer their questions and convince them that you are the right candidate for the job.

Speak Well

An interview is a setting where your intellectual capacity will be examined and measured by a group of people. It is a chance to present yourself as the best thing that could ever happen to that employer. Therefore, you must be bold and careful to answer their questions intelligently. You must apply the right level of tact and composure to sell yourself well. You must be cautious and wise. You must be respectful when it comes to your choice of words to avoid leaving a wrong impression. An interview is not the place to burst into tears or talk about very private details. Be professional as you let your values and passion shine through as you talk.

Keep it Quiet

There is nothing as distracting as hearing your phone ring during an interview. It does not only disrupt the setting, it also makes you look unserious especially if your ringtone is a song with funny lyrics. To avoid struggling with your bag in the bid to cut the call or sweat bullets out of shame, switch off your phone. A lot of people advise that you set it in silent mode but if you have a habit of setting alarms/reminders, you might want to switch off to avoid getting a rude shock. Remember that you will always have your phone with you but you might never get the chance to change the first impression.

Ask Questions

After you have answered the interview questions, the people on the panel will ask if you have questions for them. Be sure to ask questions so you can learn something new. Asking about the expectations of the job will help you understand any other job requirement that was not mentioned in the job advert while helping you prepare for the role mentally. Another detail you should be curious about is the culture of the organization. This does not only affect the job role, it also makes you to know if the company is the place or you. Asking about the company’s culture will help to know the values the company holds dear and how it will affect you and your career path. This will not only help you learn, it will also show that you came prepared.

These are a few points that can tilt the scale for your good but they do not guarantee that you will get the job as other factors like preferential treatment on the part of the company or indecisiveness can prevent you from getting the job. As long as you have value to add, you can be sure that you will get something no matter how long it takes. Just remember to keep your head high, learn lessons from every interview you go for and watch yourself stand out in the bid to land that dream job.

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