Home Made Therapy For Stomach Cramps

You might have been battling with a  regular stomach upset, which has refused to relief you. Sometimes it relieves you only to come back after a period to disturb you again. You have tried all sort of remedies and it seems strong head.

I know how uneasy one can feel when being camped with a serious stomach upset. Especially when you cannot explain it after trying  all sort of remedy without progress. You must have tried salt and water or even palm oil.

Do not fret, there is a solution to it. while it is advisable to see your doctor to find out what the medical condition is, you can also try a very good home remedy to ease you of this stomach upset.

                               The Ginger Remedy

Ginger root tea is a very good home remedy for treating any kind of stomach woes like nausea, Ulcer, gastritis, acid reflux, indigestion among others. It works pretty well in cleaning and purifying the stomach system and might just be the right medication you have been looking for.

Taking this ginger root does not stop you from taking your prescribed medications. Although they can be taken together because ginger tea only aids the treatment and cannot counter your medications.

The ginger root tea is a home medication that you can prepare yourself, without spending much funds and with less stress involved. For effective treatment, you just need to sip a glass of fresh ginger twenty minutes before your meal. This can help calm your stomach upset and also act as an acid buffer.

To prepare this medication, you will need:

  • Three quarters sized slices of ginger root
  • Two cups of water

Slice up three quarters pieces of ginger root in two cups of covered water, then boil it for about thirty minutes. When you done boiling it, remove the ginger piece in the tea or you can decide to leave it. Go ahead and pour it into a glass and you can gulp it down twenty minutes before your meal.

Make this your routine continuously for few days and you will get an effective result. Within the first few days of taking this medication, you would even enjoy your health better.

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