Hidden secrets on how to prepare the delicacy called Jollof Rice

It’s no news that we Nigerians associate the success of a party to how delicious the food served tastes. As such, when planning a party and you will love to know which special meal will make your party the talk of the town and leave your guest spell bound. Whatever party you attend here in Nigeria, Jollof rice will surely be present. Even during festive seasons, it is top on the menu list!

Back in the 90’s, it was termed “Christmas Rice” by all. Then you would find little children going from house to house for a fill of this delicious meal.

Over the years, a lot of arguments have ensued on which country pioneered the cooking of the sweet delicacy of Jollof rice in Africa, this argument has been between two powerful countries in Africa (Nigeria and Ghana). Ghanaians claim Jollof rice originated from Ghana while Nigerians believe they own it. some have gone far to iron out which tastes better; Ghana Jollof or Nigeria Jollof. Whichever, One can deny the meal will always be an all-time favourite.

In preparing this sweet delicacy, these steps should be noted.

Step 1– Ingredients :
• 6 large fresh tomatoes (I prefer buying from the mallam’s).
• 6 large fresh tatashe (Bell pepper).
• 3 medium sized onion bulbs.
• Pepper.
• Vegetable oil (Buy a healthy choice).
• 2 teaspoons thyme.
• Chicken stock/Beef stock.
• 4 Cups rice.
• 4 bay leaves.
• Curry.
• Salt.
• 3 cubes of seasoning.

Step 2– Cooking the Jollof
1. Blend your tomatoes, tatashe, onion bulbs into a paste.
2. Parboil the rice.
3. Pour oil into the pot.
4. Add the paste into the hot oil, allow paste to fry.
5. Add your seasoning and spice for taste.
6. Add stock water.
7. Add bay leaf.
8. Allow to boil for few minutes.
9. Add parboiled rice.
10. Cover the pot and leave to cook on low to medium heat so as to enable the rice to cook properly without burning.(Allow to cook for 10 minutes, if not edible enough add little water to the rice until you are satisfied.)
Viola!!! The hidden secret of getting the right taste of Jollof rice is by letting the water level added to the pot to be the same level of the rice. This is to ensure that all the water dries up by the time the rice is cooked. 
Serve with fried meat or chicken, coleslaw, salad, moi-moi and plantain. Remember to remove the bay leaf as you serve your rice.


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