Happy International World Water Day: Benefits and Importance of Water to Nature

It is impossible for every work of nature to survive without water. Water is an essential building block of life, it is an important aspect of every sphere of life. The existence of water could lead to financial, economic and socio-economic development of a nation.

Water comes from different sources, they are:

  1. Well water
  2. Snow melt
  3. Surface water: Lakes, Seas and Rivers
  4. Ocean water
  5. Rain water
  6. Natural springs

The 22nd of March has been mapped out to celebrate the essence of this gift of nature, and as the saying goes, water as an essential commodity has its importance.

Importance of Water
1. Water is used for washing clothes.
2. Water is used for cooking.
3. Water is used for cleaning kitchen utensils such as plates, saucepans, crockery, cutlery and cooking pots.
4. Water is used for washing bodies.
5. Water is used for cleaning the house and communities.
6. Water is used in keeping plants alive in parks and gardens.
7. Water is used as part of recreation such as swimming pools.
8. Water plays a key role in the generation of electricity.
9. Water is a vital part of any healthy diet plan and drinking a generous amount of water daily is essential to the success of any weight loss program.
10. Water is necessary for building and construction.
11. Water is essential for the survive of any living thing.


How to Prevent Environmental Damage

1. Prevention of floods by cleaning all drainage systems and dispose of dirt properly.
2. Preventions of drought and water pollution by not encouraging degraded vegetation, soil, rivers, and lakes.
3. Latrine toilets should be quite a distance from where the kitchen is located.
4. Educate everyone on the danger of drinking bad water.
5. Encourage natural environments and reducing pollution.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 is “Nature for Water”. There is a need to encourage people to find the answer in nature, because nature-based solutions could be implemented to reduce floods, droughts, water pollution and to protect ecosystems.

Nature for Water enables water flow back into the ecosystem for recycling. This is the installation of a rain barrel in your environment for re-using excess drinking water which could also serve as a leftover to feed the plants.

Stopping the act of wastewater should be part of our day to day activities, so as to enable every individual to have a positive attitude towards creating a sustainable management for our fresh water resources.

Happy World Water Day!

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