Hair Care: Easy Ways To Maintain & Keep Your Braided Wig Shiny

The braided wig is by far one of the most trending hairstyle of 2017. Wigs have become every lady’s rescue especially for immediate needs but the question is, how often do you want to always run to your wigs and yet finding them ever ready? Always you may say but the fact is that, your maintenance and treatment of these beauty magics determines how well they will serve you.

This has led to the discussion on measures on how to keep the trending braided wig shinning and tidy.

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Braided wigs can be more difficult to maintain than other wigs due to the risk of ruining the braids. This trending wig is made out of human or synthetic hair and getting familiar with this fact, determine what method and how well to care for it: and what special attention you give to the edges. So it doesn’t get ruined.

Both types require shampoos and conditioners made for wigs, but that made for human hair are similar to those that people use on their natural locks.

Below are easy tips to maintaining your braided wigs.

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Wash Your Wig

It is important to know that all braided wigs should be washed by hand. It is vital that you always wash your braided wig in cool water to help preserve it and to keep the braid from falling apart. Most braided wigs can stand to be washed after every 10 to 15 times, depending on how often you wear them.

Dry Your Wig

This next step can be a lengthy process, especially if the braids are left intact while on the stand. It is best to let your wig dry overnight and have a backup version on hand if you need to wear one right away. Blow drying a human hair wig is acceptable unlike the synthetic, because it can cause the braids to frizz.

Condition/ Cream Your Wig

Depending on the kind of braids, having your conditioner and cream in place is very important. For synthetic braided wigs, spray-on your conditioner and for human hair, get a cream version. Rub the cream through and be ready to rock away!

For a long lasting braided wig, follow through on these tips and be sure that your wig will be the envy of ladies around.

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