Girl Power- 9 Nigerian Women Rewriting the Female Story

Women, you deserve to be celebrated, so give yourself a big round of applause. Around the world, the month of March is dedicated to women. What makes women different? Is it the strength, zeal to succeed and ability to make something out of nothing? Yes and more. Words are not enough to describe the flavor women bring to the world. The theme of the year is “Press for Progress”. Many women have proved their mettle and their stories are worth reading. These women are showing the world that they are not restricted by their gender.

Here are nine Nigerian women whose lives have changed the typical narrative in their professional space:

Ola Orekunrin-Brown

This beautiful woman is the brain behind the team “Flying Doctors Nigeria”. This graduate of the Hull York Medical School doctor experienced the loss of a sister due to the non-availability of a flying ambulance which would easily help to convey an injured or ill person from point A to B for the purpose of seeking healthcare. Her contribution has helped to save many lives by providing healthcare and transportation for people who need to be moved to the hospitals for emergencies. She was recently named Silverbird’s (wo)man of the year for her contribution to the nation’s healthcare space. She is the youngest and only female to have won this award ever.

Chiamaka Ntia (nee Obuekwe)

A woman who built a business on her love for travel, Chiamaka is a game changer who refused to allow the loss of a job draw her back. She started a tour company called The Social Prefect with her boyfriend turned husband and has become a pacesetter, presenting Africa to the world. Her ability to use social media as a tool of trade has led her to be featured on the CNN’s Inside Africa.

Bikiya Graham-Douglas

The award-winning and curvy plus-size woman is taking the acting world by storm. Famous for her role as Hadiza Bako on The Battleground (a TV series), Bikiya is one woman who knows her craft and is making waves with her passion. Apart from being an actor, Bikiya is also a thespian, writer and producer. She founded Beeta Universal Arts Foundation (BUAF), a Theatre production company that produces stage plays and helps to train artisans and theatre-newbies. She recently received a special recognition award from NANTAP on her birthday. Bikiya is a beacon of hope in the male-dominated industry of theatre.

Titilope Sonuga

A lady with words wrapped with precious stones, this woman has mastered the art of doing great things with her passion for poetry. An award-winning poet who is recognized in Nigeria and Canada for her contribution to the craft, she is one of the very few female poets to perform her work at a presidential inauguration. She is a testament to what can happen when one stays true to her passion. She is the face of Intel in Nigeria and recently featured on a commercial for Heritage Bank Nigeria.

Arese Ugwu

Famous for encouraging women to take control of their finances, this financial juggernaut is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. At the age of 33 and as the founder of Smart Money Africa, Arese sits on the board of many businesses as a director while consulting for people and organizations. She is known for her thought-provoking & financially transforming book, the Smart Money Woman which is making waves and teaching women the importance of financial discipline. Her passion for monetary independence and investment has made her one of the women to look out for.

Toke Makinwa

This OAP is living the dream life as a TV/Radio/Media personality, author, and fashion icon among other accomplishments. She is a smart woman who has been able to capitalize on using her personal pains and her resilient spirit to get women charged up for their next level; she authored her book “On Becoming” and also launched her TM line of cute bags which sold out in no time. She is a product of hard work, passion and tremendous courage.

 Udoka Uju

Known as the Lady Painter, this woman left her well-paying job with a bank and became a painter without holding anything back. She is known for her tenacity and her courage as she was able to leverage her education to offer refined services and distinguish herself in a sector that is run by men. An entrepreneur who also gives back to the society by taking on projects that make the lives of many colourful, she is someone who embodies the importance of believing in yourself and going where no one treads.

Gloria Oloruntobi

The social media space is often seen as a platform to just rant and play but Gloria aka Maraji has been able to transform same into a money-making platform. Known for her video editing skills and comic abilities, this young woman has become a humour merchant who is able to mimic people and put out short videos that would leave anyone reeling with laughter. Little wonder she has become a social media celebrity who is paid good money to market products and services for many international organizations. She is one woman who has been able to create a market where others overlooked.

 Powede Lawrence

Many years back, models/beauty queens were seen as air-heads who were unable to hold an intelligent conversation. Powede is proof that beauty and brains present the finest lethal combination available. This qualified nurse who was once a beauty queen has pushed the envelope to become a force to reckon with. In addition, she is a certified pilot who is doing exploits in a world that favors men. Talk about beauty with cerebral power and zero tolerance for limitations.

 These women are doing great things without any fear of limitations or societal constraints. If you have snuffed life out of your passion, now is the time to bring it back to life. Shatter the glass ceiling in your field of endeavor and watch the world beat a path to your doorstep. Go forth and be great!

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