Getting The Right Red Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Certain questions are pertinent when discussing the red lipstick. One:  Is there an age limit on red lipstick? Two: Can women of all/any skin colour wear the red lipstick? The answer to these questions is simple. The red lipstick is timeless! A classic beauty. A girl’s all time favourite. It can be worn by women of all and any skin colour. However to make it exceptionally suitable, there is a need to get the right shade for your skin tone. With the right shade suited for that particular skin tone; the red lipstick becomes an epic beauty deserving of a total applauds.

To decide on the right red lippies shade you need to know your skin tone and your undertone (if you think your skin has 2 layers, it is the layer underneath the top skin). For your skin tone, you are either dark/olive, fair or a medium skin tone. You can carry out several tests to reveal your undertone. These tests are:

The Jewellery Test –

Get a piece of jewellery, could be a silver or gold. Try it on, if you prefer the way silver looks against your skin, then you’re more of a cool undertone but if you look better in gold, you could be a warm undertone. If you really look good in the two, you are more of a neutral undertone.

The Colour Test –

If your looks are better in colours like blue, green and bluey-reds then you are more of a cool undertone and if it is yellow or orangey-reds than then you have a warm undertone.

The Veins Test –

If your veins look blue then you have a cool undertone, if it is green you would be a warm undertone. If you cannot tell which is your vein colour then you have a neutral undertone.

Now, that we have settled the skin tone and undertone, getting your right red lipstick shade will be just about ease.

Orangey-Red lipstick shade (Bold/Bright Reds)-

This is for the warm undertone skin tone, majorly the fair skinned ladies you would do better with the orange and yellow toned red lipsticks rather than the blue toned ones.

Blue/Purple toned Red Lipstick shade (Deep Classic Reds) –

This is for the cool and neutral undertone skin tone, preferably the dark skinned ladies.  Red lippies with blue tones will just be perfect for you. You may also use a lip liner beneath your lips.

Ladies should avoid red lipstick with a gray, ashy or pale feel, because it may end up making your look sickly, unhealthy and less attractive.

Following these steps would help prevent you from wearing the wrong red lippies shade.

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