Home Relationship Dating Get in Here Ladies! These 5 Signs Will Help You Detect If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Get in Here Ladies! These 5 Signs Will Help You Detect If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Get in Here Ladies! These 5 Signs Will Help You Detect If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

We all love to have healthy relationships- Relationships with a goal in mind, hopefully an “altar-bound” relationship. However some seemingly little things may dash those hopes. Yes relationships come with its ups and downs, sometimes one can not help the “he may be cheating” kind of feeling. However, there are ways one can check that. If you have been getting worried about the recent happenings in your relationship, unintentionally suspecting your partners every move. Wait, do not just conclude yet. These signs will help you know if truly he is cheating on you.

The Red Flags

First we begin with the norm, the red flags. Once you notice a lipstick stain on his collar, rumpledness on his shit suggestive of a just concluded sexual activity, a strange fragrance which is not his- automatically suggestive questions begin to flood one’s mind. You wouldn’t help but raise a brow at the sight of such.

Someone who ordinarily would be back home before nightfall begins to stay out late and return home at midnight. He then begins to give some unnecessary excuses just to stay away from you and spend the night outside his home. These are signs that he may be seeing someone else.

Absent Mindedness

Suddenly, he’s all on his own. Even in his presence, his absence is greatly felt: when he’s physically present, he stays all by himself wandering off in his own world, he’s not really there with you. He would rather spend more time on his phone/devices than with you.

Lack of Enthusiasm

You notice that he stops looking forward to doing the fun things that you guys used to do, then he begins to talk a lot about a new friend he just made or some colleague at work. More like he feels an adrenaline rush talking about his new found friend. This could also mean he is on the verge of cheating.

Stops Giving you the Desired Attention

You know those seemingly little things we do to get our guys attention- those times you decide to dress sexy, let your hair down, wear that beautiful little black dress etc. even when you do these things he doesn’t compliment your looks/ acknowledge how gorgeous you look. When those sweet nothings we love to hear stop coming, then the attention fizzles away or doesn’t even pay as much as a second look to you, know that something else is probably taking his attention.


At odd times, you notice a series of mood swings for no particular reason which may lead him to pick up a fight with you. There is just always a switch in his attitude  when he flares up at every thing and keeps up the mood to avoid talking to you. Perhaps you notice that he only gets excited when he is with his phone or about to leave the house. These are pointers that he may be having an affair.

This can be vice versa: could be the guy or the lady in the relationship giving these signals. It is advisable that we pay close attention to detail and know when your partner is dropping these hints on you- it may not necessarily mean he/she is already cheating. Your partner may just be bored/tired looking to you to spice up the relationship.


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