Funky Ways to Rock the 70’s Fashion

The 7’0s is making a strong comeback when it comes to fashion, and they continue to influence modern style.

Thanks to the era’s uniqueness and freedom of expression, the ’70s and their style are something to which both designers and fashion-lovers are continuously drawn. From hippy and glam rock to disco and bohemian, the decade encapsulates numerous iconic styles that are still wearable today. All you need to know is how to rework those time-tested trends to fit perfectly into your 2017 wardrobe.

  • Start by finding the 70’s trend that best suits your personal style.Image result for modernized 70’s Fashion on black women
  • Don’t try to directly copy a look from the decade as it will appear outdated.Related image
  • Mix details and key styles from the era into your current wardrobe to create a modern interpretation of 70’s fashion.
  • If you like a traditionally feminine look, try hippy, bohemian, disco, and folk trends from the decade.Image result for modernized boho disco 70’s Fashion on black women
  • If you prefer a stronger style, embrace glam rock, sports-chic, and safari looks.70s Sports Chic Outfits
  • Hair and makeup can also be used to add a chic 70’s touch to a 2017 outfit.Image result for modernized 70’s Fashion on black womenPhoto credit: Google images
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