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Fresh Layering Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Fresh Layering Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Off-The-Shoulder Top + Turtleneck

turtleneck under off the shoulder ruffle top girl with curves new layering ideas

Extend the life of your favorite summer style by pairing it with a cold-weather staple. The result is a surprisingly cohesive and totally unexpected look that we are totally in love with.

Long Shirt Dress + Jeans

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Those of us who like to experiment with clothes, try out the dress over pant trend, pair a shirt dress over a denim pant. throw on a quirky shoes for you love attention.

Cropped Pants + Leggings

leggings under cropped pants club monaco new layering ideas

Choosing a pair of leggings that are two or three inches longer than the hem of your cropped trousers is a super-chic, totally fresh way to keep your legs toasty warm all winter long.

Cropped Sweater + A Shirt

Image result for the daileigh instagram

If you have a piece whose lower half is really the star of the show (think shirt, fringe and feathered hems), then why not give those details a chance to really shine? Pair your top with a cropped sweater in a contrasting color that ends just where the fun detailing begins.

Socks + Heels

Image result for layering socks and heels in 2017

By far the easiest hack to make wearing heels out in the cold bearable. It’s also a great way to fake this season’s hottest ankle boot trend, the sock boot. Just don’t try this with a pair so beloved.



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