The February 14 Issue-Four Fun Activities to Make This Valentine’s Day Special

Everyone looks forward to the month of February because of Valentine’s Day. Despite the bitter memories tied to the “FeBuhari” campaign that has made some many people the butt of jokes among friends and family, February has always been the month of love and it remains the shortest month for salary earners as you can be sure that the alert you crave will arrive earlier than you can imagine. To have the monthly cash drop as fast as one can say February, now that is the life we all want to live.

This year’s Valentine’s Day may just be the perfect dream of anyone who seeks to save cash and hang out alone or with friends. Not only is it a weekday, it is also Ash Wednesday (Catholic faithfuls know that this is an important day for Lent) and it is a day for Football lovers as Champion League unleashes Real Madrid Vs PSG. Many people will spend this day alone as declaring love will not be tied to a significant other. This year’s Valentine’s Day will be the perfect chance for football fans to declare their love for their favourite clubs.

If you are not a football lover or a Catholic, you may want to avoid feeling bad when leboo decides to go to the viewing centre or have friends over at his place. It goes without saying that a lot of babes will spend this day away from the mushy setting Feb 14 is known for. The good part is this; you don’t need anyone to show you love when you have got yourself covered. Whether you plan to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day or push the celebration to the weekend, this article is going to show you how to have great fun without breaking the bank or missing that special guy.

Here are 4 solid ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Go to the Spa

Many ladies feel that it costs a fortune to get the glow they long for. With as little as 10k, you can give your skin a new look by getting a full body scrub. This will not only help relieve the stress of the week, it will also give you the feel of relaxation that comes with spoiling yourself while taking off the dead cells on the surface of your skin. If you have some more cash to spare, you can throw in a full body massage and feel each rub remove tension in a way that will make you smile. You can make it a fun experience by making it an all-girls party. Just get all your friends to sign up for the spa experience and go for a drink afterwards. Try it this Valentine’s Day/weekend and feel your body thank you.

Visit the Mall

It is no hidden fact that the end of the holidays has eliminated the possibility of going on a road trip with friends and loved one but this is a different way to have a good time. A trip to the mall does not have to depend on how much free time you have got on your hands. All you need do is meet with your friends at a venue and call an Uber or Taxify cab to take you to the mall. There are different interesting spots to trade gist, grab a bite and window shop without getting bored. Window shopping is a great way to remind yourself of the beauty of making more money. You can also end the mall trip on a good note by seeing a movie together. That way, you get to laugh, cry and analyze the movie as a group. Just make a pick and move around to enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Go to the Beach

Water has a refreshing effect on everyone (and no, we are not talking about chilled water in a bottle). The beach is the place to enjoy the warmth of Mother Nature in form of the beautiful sun, taste of salt and the cool breeze that leaves you smiling. One place to visit this season is the serene Leisure Lake at Lekki. It does not cost much to get in (about 1500 or so) and there are a lot of edibles to choose from. You also get to move on water by cruising on the boat or trying your hands at Jet Skiing. There are other fun activities to choose from which will leave your adrenaline pumping while blessing your camera with cool pictures. Choose a date and have all the fun the beach has to offer alone or with your friends.

Stop at a Karaoke Bar

This activity is for the songbirds and their fans. If you love a challenge and have a soft spot for singing, you might want to try this with your goons. The ambience of a karaoke bar is dark and cosy enough to add a spark to your evening. Add a few drinks and suya or food to the mix and see the atmosphere light up for you and your friends. This activity is perfect for Valentine’s Day because night time is synonymous with karaoke. All you have to do is make provision for a sleepover so all the girls can get up the next morning and leave for work. You can also have a dress code and exchange gifts with the girls to make it a perfect night of love.

Now go on, have great fun and create sweets memories on and off camera with your goons this Valentine’s Day.

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