Five Ways to Love Yourself Better As a Single

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February is the month of love. However, every day is another opportunity to love yourself better. Considering how much attention Valentine’s Day gets every year, you are about to find out how to deliberately love yourself.

1. Affirm Yourself

The mistake many people make is constantly waiting for love and affection from somebody else. In the event that there is no lover to do this for you, filling that void on your own is the best way to go. All it takes is standing in front of a mirror and speaking good words aloud. This helps boost your self-esteem while giving you the chance to see yourself as a total human worthy of love and validation.

2. Splurge on Yourself

Saving is a great way to plan for your future. However, there are moments you need to treat yourself nicely. Outsourcing personal enjoyment to other parties may leave you feeling resentful. There are moments you need to go above and beyond for yourself. Identify such moments and draw up a plan to show yourself love on a budget. Easy activities such as eating out, buying a special gift on a day of your choice and changing an item that has served you for a long time remain options to try out. Do this and watch your soul thank you.

3. Celebrate Loved Ones

There is more to love and affection than romantic relationships. In a world where there is always so much to do, it is easy to focus on finding a significant other and forget your family and friends. The family and friends you have gotten from childhood remain an important part of your life. These are people who knew and loved you when there was no real reason to. They bring a special balance to your world whether it is obvious or not. By calling, texting or paying a visit to these awesome people, you nurture these lifelong relationships and attract unconditional love that makes you feel whole and well. The good feeling of seeing them enjoy your attention will make you smile. Try this out today!

4. Move Your Body

In this digital age, the sedentary lifestyle remains a constant. From scrolling through different timelines to staring at laptop screens, it takes conscious efforts to get movement-induced dopamine today. Studies have shown that the key to a healthy lifestyle is intentional movements. This is why you should treat yourself to physical activities such as dance, yoga and cardio at least 2-3 times a week. This impacts your mind, body and soul in ways that only years can reveal. Add this to your weekly routine and get the chance to feel like a brand-new you always.

5. Lean Into Nature

Staring at the wall, screens and busy roads from the window remains the norm in this fast-paced world. These and many other indoor habits have the tendency to leave you mentally tired and drained. This does not only impact the body, it also affects the mind. According to science, experiencing nature in form of green scenery, the sea and sunlight improves dopamine and vitamin D levels positively. This does not only help you relax as a person, but it also gives you the boost needed to focus on and complete daily tasks. Also, the occasional silence and gentle sounds associated with nature can help you meditate while calming the noise in your head. Nature speaks if you open your heart. Show yourself intense love and calm your frayed nerves by exploring the great outdoors today.

There you have it! Five easy ways to love yourself fiercely. Stop waiting for others to show you love. You have one life to live. Enjoy it by showing yourself love every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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