Five Personal Moves to Make Before Marriage

Life moments and periodic moves offer the gift of adventure. Yes, marriage is one of the major moves that can change your life for good. However, other important moves must be tried during the pre-wedding phase. These moves do not only offer a promise of an exciting time as a single person, but it also adds more oomph to life after the wedding. In this article, unique personal adventures will be explored. Here are five ways to enjoy life alone before jumping the broom with the one you love.

1. Living Alone

In many parts of the world, staying in a house with parents and siblings remains a welcome option. Apart from the ability to manage expenses and enjoy the warmth of family, this option offers a full house situation where there is no alone time. However, considering how life changes drastically after the wedding, moving out to stay by yourself gives you room to do certain activities without help. Activities such as cooking, planning a meal budget, cleaning and decorating become your personal responsibility upon living alone.

This move will help set the tone for when you and your significant other will live together without family members. You also get the time to take charge of your space and schedule on your own. While moving in with the significant other upon marriage offers companionship, the ability to be your own person will also help you balance your needs and your spouse’s need for personal space.

2. Travel Solo

Exploring a different part of the state, country or continent is one step you should take before getting hitched. Apart from the possibility of making new friends, this also serves as a conversation starter in future. On the journey to unfamiliar spaces, there is room to be you with reckless abandon.

The memories created on such journeys become propellers for career and relationship growth upon marriage. If you go all out alone while your significant other does the same alone, time spent together before and after marriage will become more robust and entertaining. Think about it.

3. Think Investment

Marriage makes two become one in every way. From the personal stuff to the financials, every conversation goes from me to us. It goes without saying that a strong tendency to focus on the next person’s needs and collective bills might get in the way of amassing wealth. This is why setting up an investment fund and acquiring property should be explored before the rings are in place. Of course, this would depend on income levels. However, this can be done with a realistic and smart plan in place. Take baby steps by getting knowledge from bankers and property experts while setting aside some money every month towards a selected and pocket-friendly investment. Your future will thank you.

4. Embrace Selfcare

In many parts of the world especially in Africa, it is believed that the burden of self-care for women rests on their partners. This implies that spending quality time and paying attention to oneself may be intertwined with romantic relationships or marriage. While that may be an avenue to bond, it is important to state that self-care should begin with you whether marriage beckons or not. Daily living is quite demanding and stress is part of life. Accumulated stress may take its toll on your health at any time. This is why it is advisable to take out time to visit the spa, eat right and buy personal gifts regardless of marital status.

Doing this sets a precedent that becomes easy to keep up with even after the wedding. While this keeps you healthy, it also shows your significant other how to pamper you. Set the tone and watch your partner follow!

5. Visit a Therapist

Typically, this should fall under self-care. However, because of the promise it packs and its importance, therapy stands alone as one major option to explore before signing the dotted lines. This will not only help you heal from unresolved trauma, but it also offers you room to prepare better for the big day. What could be better than being the best person for your partner?

There you have it! Five solid ways to prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Don’t forget to share it with the ones you love and look out for the next article!

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