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7 Effects of Movies on the Mind

7 Effects of Movies on the Mind

We watch movies and possibly do not know that they have a big part to play in our mind and the way we think and go about our daily activities. They can affect us both negatively and positively. We shall seeing these effects below;

1) They could ruin your health
Movies are lovely but like they say, “Too much of everything is bad”. That is applicable for movies as well. It has been experimentally proven that the prefrontal cortex  which is the thinking part of the brain is prone to activate when we watch horror movies and can also get the blood pumping fast thereby letting our blood pressure increase. In People who have one cardio vascular weaknesses, it could cause them to have heart attacks when movies with contents that don’t suit the health of their hearts are shown to them. It is best we watch what we watch to avoid “stories that touch”.

2) They could make you aggressive

Generally, scientists, politicians, parents and practically everyone has contemplated on the effect of movies on the children and the young adult. It can be said though that watching aggressive on screen movies can contribute to being a bully in real life and also watching a lot of violent movies can cause an individual to act violently when faced with real live situation. It is therefore important that viewer’s discretion is duly advised when watching any provocative or violent movie.

3) They could get addictive

“Repetition is the key to mastery”. This statement affect us both in the negative and positive sense. When we continuously watch a movie, you notice that you can follow up with the words of the actors when they speak. So also the act involved. It could make us addicted to the movie. A good example of a genre of movie that could get us addicted is pornographic movies. This goes a long way in destroying the mind, our views on sex and the way we act thereafter. So I advise that measures should be taken in the movies we watch so as to eliminate negative addictions.

4) They can make you more creative

Funny as this may sound, I have learned a lot of vocational handiwork from movies I have watched and I know there are a lot of people who can say same. There are some movies you watch that do not only get you trying new things but also make you want to try them out almost immediately. An example on a movie that puts you on your feet to try out what you have seen or even do better is “Limitless”. Even though he had to depend on a drug, he was making things happen so instead of a drug, you could make your own drug God and yourself. And Transcend.

5) They can make you feel happy

Have you ever come out of a cinema hall after a really awesome movie and you just feel so happy??
Like you enjoyed the movie so much you can’t wait to tell everyone you know about it. Yeah, a movie can do that to you and sometimes it gushes out so well you loose control of yourself. When this happens don’t worry, you aren’t in the first stage of “yabaleft”, you are just expressing what the movie has done to you which is a good thing.

6) They can get you in a mood

Watching movies could get you in the mood in which the movie portrays. Have you wondered why you cry when you watch “Titanic”? Mostly because you put yourself in Jack Dawson’s position or Rose Dewitt Bukater having to loose a loved one. All the same, there is an emotional feeling it comes with. That feeling just comes, you might wipe away the tears but well, the emotion lingers on.

7) They inspire you

When you watch some type of movies, you get inspired based on the story line of that movie. Most of the Tyler Perry movies, although hilarious always have inspirational messages to pass to its audience. A good and inspiring Tyler Perry movie to see is “Diary of a mad black woman” and see the strength in the feminine gender.

So why don’t you tell us all other things movies have made you feel or do in the comment section…

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