Easy Guide on How to Walk in Heels

Need a little help learning how to walk in your heels? No problem. This guide has everything you need to know to be able to strut confidently and gracefully in your high heels all day long. From finding the right shoes to correcting your posture and step, we will show you the best tips on how to walk in heels to keep your feet happy and well dressed.

Find Your Fit

Finding high heels that fit right is the first step toward being able to walk in them. You may be able to get away with a pair of flat boots being a size too big, but not pumps. High heels that are too small will hurt and cause blisters whilst those that are too big will slip off the back of your heel as you walk. This is why you should always try on heels before you buy a pair. The right fit should feel comfortably snug and keep your foot in place and supported as you walk. If you’re a high heel rookie or trying out a taller heel than you’re used to, opt for a pair with ankle straps. This will help to hold your foot in place and give you some added stability.

 Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity has never been more important. While it can be tempting to pick up a cheap pair of stilettos to match your Saturday night outfit, refrain. More than likely you’ll just end up having a bad time and exiting the evening early due to the pain of poorly made footwear. Good quality shoes can make all the difference when it comes to comfort. Look for sturdy soles to help support the balls of your feet and aid in your balance. Test shoes while shopping to see if they are stable and well made by facing them toward you and gently tapping the sides and backs. If the shoes rock, they are not sturdy and should not be bought. Also, check for anti-slip sole grip so that you don’t go sliding on a slippery dance floor.

Break Them In

If you’re planning to wear new heels out, it’s best to break them in first. Wearing your new pumps for short periods of time around your home will help mould them to the shape of your foot and create the flex they need to be comfortable for long periods of time. If you’re still finding your heels a bit tight, take them to a local cobbler to have them professionally stretched or, if they are leather, use a hairdryer, when the leather is warm, press with your fingers to gently mould them to better suit the shape of your foot. Inner soles are also great for adding comfort to new shoes and can keep your feet from sliding around in larger styles.

Take Your Time

Walking in heels is definitely not a race. Take your time and slow things down as you find your correct stride. Your stride length will naturally be shorter and slower in heels than in flats but that doesn’t mean there’s any need to rush. After all, taking your time exudes confidence which goes hand-in-hand with a killer pair of heels. Place one foot in front of the other and imagine a straight line as you walk. With each step, place your front foot down with your heel hitting the ground slightly before your toes. This will help you look natural and keep your balance as you walk.

Posture is Everything

When walking in heels your body can have a tendency to lean forward as it tries to adjust to your slanting foot. This may leave you feeling unbalanced and put unnecessary pressure on the balls of your feet. To avoid this, stand up straight and centre your weight back on your heels. Keep your shoulders back and hold in your core as you walk. Centre your head on top of your spine and keep your chin parallel to the floor. Correcting your posture in this way will have you feeling balanced and in control while making you appear more confident.

 Feel the Rhythm

As you walk, allow yourself to relax into a natural rhythm. Set yourself an easy pace, walking only as fast as you feel confident doing. The more you walk in heels, the more in control and natural you will feel. Once you feel like you’ve got your steps and posture perfected, you can add a little more life to your walk. Let your hips start to swing slightly in a figure eight movement as you move. Sway them in time to the rhythm of your steps and turn your walk into a seductive strut.

Rest and Recovery

In order to be able to walk in heels all day, rest and recovery is needed for your feet. Always stretch your feet and ankles both before and after wearing high heels. If your feet are feeling sore throughout the day be sure to sit down and take some time to relax. Elevate your feet if possible to help reduce any swelling which may have occurred. After a long day in heels treat your feet to a massage and soak. Buff away any built up skin or callouses and moisturise. This will help revitalise your feet, making it possible for you to wear heels the next day with ease.

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